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  1. spaceybrains

    Portrait and Chibi Commissions OPEN

    Portrait Commissions $15 each Paypal only Contact: spaceybrains@gmail.com spaceybrains.tumblr.com kirbins.tumblr.com
  2. Pyalicious

    Pyalicious commissions!

    I'm opening slots for a few digital art commissions! I can do any species, both feral and anthro and any gender! These are all much higher resolution than depicted below I can draw in varying types of styles ranging from more cartoony to more realistic. Let me know if you have a preference for...
  3. Woari

    Digital painting portrait commissions

    Hello guys, I have digital portrait commissions open! Theoretically one slot for now, but maybe more. Price is $85, payment when the artwork will be completed. Any species, any gender, feral, anthro or human. First come, first serve! Examples:
  4. Kukenn

    chibis and portaits, cheap and cute! ; v ;

    Hi there! I really need some money so I'm opening some commissions ; v ; Here are the prices! (and if you want to see more I'm of course on fA and on dA as also Kukenn! I don't have much in my fA gallery, because I totally forget about posting anything, shame on me. On dA you can find more...
  5. Soren49

    Artist for hire

    Hello, My name is Shelby Hughes, I am an artist with a BFA who studied illustration and graphic design. I have many skills and I'm capable of drawing just about anything outside of robots. I enjoy drawing stickers, posters, logos, animals, portraits, cartoons, and designs of all kinds, I'm even...
  6. fluffgator

    FluffGator's Commissions! OPEN SLOTS! [[digital sketches $5-10, ref sheets, and more]] :SFW & NSFW:

    ◄▣:Welcome to my Commission Thread:▣► || Gallery || Commission FAQ || Queue || Application || Hello, thank-you for visiting my thread, friend! The name is FluffGator, and I'm a highly skilled digital artist that is looking to draw your beautiful characters and sonas. I specialize in...
  7. Chelsea Carter

    Free Anthromorpic Portraits <3

    To build up my gallery, I will be offering 1o slots of free portraits. If you are interested, please comment below with the following information: Link to your FA: Reference sheet: (sfw) Personallity: (tell me about your oc!) Pose: SLOTS 1. Taken (full body) 2. Completed 3. Taken 4. Taken 5...
  8. houseofthefly

    KENNY'S commissions!

    hello! i would like to offer my artistic services. prices are negotiable and depend on the level of detail you desire. please PM me if you are interested! SIMPLISTIC SCENES estimated cost: $25-$85 USD REF SHEETS (traditional or digital) estimated cost: $30-$75 USD PORTRAITS estimated...
  9. LadyFromEast

    Quality Traditional Commissions

    Media I work with regarding fine art commissions: Watercolours Soft Pastel Oil Pastel Pencil Colour Pencil Ink Sanguine, sepia What do I draw art on: Watercolour paper Canson paper sheets 120g/m2 Metallic paper Marble paper Sizes of paper I work with: ACEO size, A5 - A2 (please ask if you...