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  1. MapleFlower

    Compliment Game

    Soo, just an idea that I thought would be cool You have to compliment the person above you, you can compliment them on..whatever Their art, their pfp, their sona, personality- whatever the heck you want! XD Just wanted to spread some positive vibes :cool:
  2. Alys_0_0

    5 Things You Love About Yourself <3

    As the title says, name five things you love about yourself. My original plan was three but I wanted to make it even more of a challenge. There's so much self-hatred in the world so lets really see ourselves, yea? Let's really look at ourselves and into ourselves and note things that we love. No...
  3. P

    How Has Furry Fandom Made You Happy?

    Hey everyone. There's been some tension in the fandom for some time. Some talks should be had, and they're an ongoing process. However, to keep things friendly and positive, how about we focus on some good stuff here? What are some great memories you have related to the furry community? It can...
  4. Catdog

    Why Was Your Day Good?

    Kind of a counterbalance to the vent thread, what happened today (or recently!) that was good? For me, I got a job I thought I interviewed terribly at! So that's pretty rad. :3
  5. Zenkiki


    I have been helping others get through some rough times and after talking to someone on discord for 2 hours talking with him about what he was worried about I was reminded of why I joined the community here and have stayed here. I have been reading so many depressing and in all honesty upsetting...
  6. Skychickens

    Daily Dose of Pawsitivity

    I’m a sucker for little doses of positivity and bad puns. So I thought it would be fun to pull a thread together for your daily dose of pawsitivity! Feel free to post things as often as you’d like, positive stories or pictures or anything.
  7. A

    Positive and inspirational Youtube videos

    I thought this would be a great thread to have so I will begin. also Please no meme/trolling videos :eek:
  8. Water Draco

    Positive creators you have found on YouTube

    I thought I would put this one forward as an opportunity for everyone to post about YouTube channels that you have found that put forward positive content. Rather than the usual tripe served to us on the telly box. If you could also give a little description to go with your suggestion that would...