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  1. thekoboldsummoner

    Post Approval?

    Two questions: how long do I have to wait until a post gets approved? And is there any way to check on my unapproved posts??? I tried submitting a post to the Tavern RP Discussion but I haven’t heard anything back. I just don’t know how this works so sorry if this is a dumb question!
  2. Sehra

    Looking for longterm partner(s)

    Heya! Very new to the forums (Seriously.. I didn't know this excisted until like.. Yesterday) Buuut, i'm looking for some long term rp partners, may it be nsfw or nsfw. I'm *pretty* good at roleplaying, have been doing it for a bunch of years. Setting wise, i'm openminded as *heck* so well. Feel...
  3. Mike_Wolf


    Hey everyone, Just joined the forum after being a member of FA for a long time. Haven't used the site, been active or done anything furry related in quite a long time. Probably since furrytofurry.com was a thing (holy crap thats been a minute.) My name is Mike, I live in Dallas, Tx and I'm...
  4. DLewis28

    Food Frenzy

    Post a picture of your favorite food.
  5. W

    Main Site Any recommended tagging guidelines?

    I'm trying to post something for a friend of mine, I've read alot about how tagging is very important, but I don't know if there's such a thing as over tagging on here.
  6. Bluefiremark II

    Post something about furry related from real life!

    I'll go first with this interesting thing i saw today! A robotic furry tail! https://gizmodo.com/a-wearable-robotic-tail-turns-anyone-into-a-furry-with-1836974428
  7. Rap Daniel

    Post your favorite quotes from video games, or TV!

    I'll begin. "Quit scratching your ass and approach the enemy!" - AWACS Bandog, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown "HEY!!!" - Every LEGO figure, every LEGO commercial
  8. ReeseCapeesh

    Forum How do i post visible images in my forum posts? PC and mobile

    I tried to make a sketchbook post but the magic of it isnt there unless you can just look at the pictures without clicking a link. ;w; halp plz. i tried uploading to flickr but it was just an icon that showed up. albeit, that was on my phone so i have to try on my PC. see, it doesnt work. i...
  9. Moar Krabs

    Post something that makes you sad

    Something that made me sad was watching a Millipede get killed. Poor guy :(
  10. Bokcutter

    My First Sona

    Her name is Titi HOpe you guys enjoy
  11. Phoenix2014

    Curious Question

    Hi there, I'm soon going to be a fursuiter but what's bothering me is the suit I am getting is from US and I am in the UK. The value of the suit is $2500 I need some sort of guideline as to what I would need spare for import fees, VAT when it gets posted to UK from USA. Any help would be...
  12. still_human1020

    Poll posting anonymous?

    hi there, are the poll posts anonymous, or CAN they be anonymous? What about the responses, are they/can they be anonymous? If those aren't, I think you should definitely make that be an option