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  1. Gangsta Fox

    Iconic furry art

    Hi everyone, i noticed a lot of nice furry art was created in the mid late 2000s by some young and upcoming artists. Very iconic work indeed that got got people into the fandom. Art that was so good often stolen and put into music video slideshows. Can anyone here link me to some of this art...
  2. KinkyTime

    Age Gated doubt for NSFW posting

    Greetings! I just want to know, related to Age Gated sites for NSFW posting, if a Patreon page for mature audience is considered Gated, so I can link a couple of reference NSFW images from there. I didn't read the rules properly and posed some NSFW newground links and got a warning :/ Thanks
  3. W

    Main Site Any recommended tagging guidelines?

    I'm trying to post something for a friend of mine, I've read alot about how tagging is very important, but I don't know if there's such a thing as over tagging on here.
  4. Korina

    Ferris Wheel of Doom [Signups Live]

    This is a game that I saw on another forum, and decided to run here. The way how it works is simple, all of you are on a ferris wheel, and whoever is at the top of it, has to make a post within 24hrs, otherwise they die and lose the game. Whenever there's only one person left alive, they win the...
  5. ReeseCapeesh

    Multiple good places to post YCH/Commissions?

    Ive made 2 YCHs so far. one is SFW, and the other NSFW. Ive only posted it on FA so far. should i only have it on one site or multiple? which sites? and if i should post on multiple platforms, how do i manage them all? I want to do sales and discounts. :) thanks.
  6. Revates


    Hey everyone, Thought I might get back into furrum posting. I'm gay, I like to post, I work, sleep, study and voice post/bidleo game with my manimal furriends and that's my life. Thanks and godspeed.
  7. frizzled

    Commission posts waiting mod approval?

    Hi, I've posted in the commissions forum twice now but it looks like my posts are waiting mod approval? They're both SFW posts, nothing out of the ordinary. Not quite sure what I need to do, if anything. Thanks Frizzled
  8. N

    Whats up with Captchas in the Posting Page on New Accounts?

    So, I have recently switched to a new account since I needed to change the name to match the rest of my furry social media... and noticed that the posting page had a captcha on it? I'm not complaining as this is a great way to deter spammers, but I am curious about it. Will it drop off after my...
  9. Fuzzylumkin

    Posting lockout?

    I may be totally posting in the wrong place, but I did a search and couldn't find an answer to this. Is there a limit to the amount of times you can post or comment on posts within a period of time? I am on here most of the evenings while at work, so I find myself locked out multiple times...
  10. Okamio

    Why can I post threads but not reply to others?

    Did I break something?
  11. Phoenix2014

    Curious Question

    Hi there, I'm soon going to be a fursuiter but what's bothering me is the suit I am getting is from US and I am in the UK. The value of the suit is $2500 I need some sort of guideline as to what I would need spare for import fees, VAT when it gets posted to UK from USA. Any help would be...
  12. rmt3589

    About art rating: Tanuki "Sack"

    So, i'm working on a pic for class, and am planning on positing it on fa once done. It contains a tanuki oc of mine in his true form, gorging himself on food. This tanuki's "sack" can be seen covering it's legs from under the table like a blanket, and is drawn with the same detail as typical...
  13. Revates


    Recently a friend and I were talking and he stated that there's literally no reason not to wear a belt and that your pants are going to show off your buttcrack regardless of how well your pants fit, I quickly realized that he's right so have recently bought myself a belt like a civilized person...