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  1. Doodle Bunny

    Prank all the Fursonas

    It’s heckin’ April Fools day! Let’s have some fun with it! How would you prank the person above you?
  2. I

    Son Pranks Religious Mom With Ewan McGregor 'Jesus Picture'

    The prankster, named Ryan, presented the picture of 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' from the Star Wars film Attack of the Clones , but his religious mom thought she'd unwrapped a painting of Jesus and hung it up on the wall. Full Story Here www.ladbible.com: Son Pranks Religious Mum With Ewan McGregor 'Jesus...
  3. G

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to all you wonderful furfags (or happy April fool's if you don't celebrate easter)! Anyone have fun plans? Maybe funny pranks? Hope you all have a lovely day!