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  1. C

    Level a country's stupiditly

    It is simply based off the Predators and prey thread game. Rules are simple. It goes: (Country's name) is 1 level stupid (Country's name) is 2 level stupid (Country's name) is -1 level stupid (Country's name) is 1 level stupid The stupidest wins with 20 score, and the smartest wins with -20...
  2. D

    chat for the preds and prey people

    Hey y'all, the staff member there had a good point, it was just becoming a general discussion thread. so here's an alternative
  3. CertifiedCervine

    Predators and prey; Take 2! (See description)

    I made a forum game awhile ago that’s seemed to have more success than I thought! Thanks guys! Though I wanted to make a more fair and structured one, so here you go! (The spam friendly one is under the same tag! :p) Same as before, Prey species=+1 Predator species=-1 Added rules to keep the...
  4. CertifiedCervine

    Predators and Prey

    I saw this game awhile back and thought it may be fun to try here. Here’s how it works, If a commenters sona is a prey species, +1 point, but if it’s a predator -1 point, here’s an example Beginning total:0 Comment 1:Wolf:-1 Comment 2:Bear:-2 Comment 3:Mouse:-1 Comment 4: deer: 0 And so on...