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  1. Kattling

    Your speedpaint preferences?

    So recently I've been doing lots of requests and commissions, and decided to record some of them and turn them into speedpaints, hopefully for uploading to Youtube in the near future. :D But I don't have any idea what to do with the audio. From what I can tell, there are a couple of popular...
  2. lyar

    Traditional or digital?

    It seems to me that no one likes traditional* art anymore. It seems people only want to art trade if the person is going to do digital art. Does it have to do with the stigma that generally traditional art is bad? Or is that digital art is often colored and traditional art isn't? What do you...
  3. Cobalteus

    What Is Your Favorite Type Of Fursuit?

    So I am not going to get a suit anytime soon but I was just wondering types of suits you guys(or gals) like. So here are some questions I have for y'all. Do you prefer 2d or 3d eyes? Do you prefer moving mouths or mouths that stay in one position? Digitigrade or Standard? Cartoony or Realistic...