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  1. virgoberries


  2. princeling

    Hiring: Humanoid Artist

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist that can draw humanoids rather than just furries, and is comfortable with LGBT and pregnancy themes. Without giving too much away, I'm searching for a knee up coloured sketch piece that costs no more than $30 and features two characters. Higher prices are welcome...
  3. HarlowVenus

    Looking for Longterm RP Partner

    Hiya everyone! My name is Harlow and I'm new to this community. However, I am not new to roleplaying, as I've been doing it for over 8 years now. Due to me being new to the furry community, I might be a little unfamiliar with terms and such, but I am more then happy to learn from anyone who is...
  4. Troika

    [NSFW] Big tigsky looking to become a big daddy~!

    This big tigsky wants to be a big daddy~ Who wants to the the courting dance of the big people and give him a big tummy of pups and kitten~? Kinks to be included: Mpreg (main kink), romance, heavy/extreme inflation (air, cum, other liquids), hyper play, growth (non-macro), forced...
  5. CometTheMicroraptor

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $25 Bondage Gal YCH (NSFW) (Unlimited)

    Hello there! I've taken a dip into the world of YCH bases and I've got my first one up here! It's unlimited slots and open to any species. It is NSFW, so please view the base and my guidelines, including what other added kinks I'm cool/not cool with, at the link below. I also have two samples...
  6. Iflyte

    [Critique and general advice requested] The Metroid's Song (NSFW)

    Hi guys, as you can imagine, the story I've written takes place in the metroid universe and is also quite smutty, definitely NSFW and featuring a number of out of the ordinary kinks. www.furaffinity.net: The Metroid's Song by iflyte A Brief Description: The Metroid's song is a complete...
  7. D

    Big Bellied Furs Discord Server!

    This Discord is for all 18+ furry fans of big bellies! Anything involving big bellies that you're into is probably here. So why don't you stop on by and take a look? Hope to see many of yall there! :3 DM me for an invite!
  8. Kidney Failure

    Looking for partners for belly expansion RP

    I'm looking for somebody to join me in a belly expansion themed roleplay. My fetishes include: Stuffing/overeating Pregnancy Anything that makes the belly bigger really Tight clothes/Clothes stretching Hyper bellies Belly play My turn-offs include: Bodily functions like flatulence or scat...
  9. Kidney Failure

    Anyone who's into stuffing and/or pregnancy want to RP?

    Hello, my name is Kidney Failure. I used to RP a lot on Tumblr, but since lately Tumblr has been, well, Tumblr, I came here. Only problem is that it seems like most of the people here who share my interests aren't into roleplay, so I'm asking if anyone else out there feels the same way and would...
  10. J

    Furry Stories by JackalEntente

    Besides my Fur Affinity account, I have all of my stories on my Deviant Art page, which can be viewed here: JackalEntente on DeviantArt There is less than a handful of furry stories, but since fetishes always branch and connect, I figured people would want to see more. I also take cheaply...
  11. A

    Looking for NSFW RP over discord. Inflation/WG/preg.

    Hello. Here again. Looking to get a NSFW RP going over discord. I'd prefer some sort of plot going on while we get into shenanigans. I'd like to play the male in a Male X Female pairing. I don't care what gender/sexuality you are irl. Just that the character you play is female and we have a...
  12. ruruscube

    Mayternity transformation YCH!

    Here: (NSFW for nudity) www.furaffinity.net: Mayternity YCH (OPEN) by ruruscube
  13. L

    Make furries round with life again! Belly lovers inquire.

    Tired of pointless ads that don't feature things like rounded bellies full of something? Well, feel free to let me know what kind of thing you want... I personally prefer my bellies full of something that squirms and there seems to be a lot more artwork and stories about this kinda stuff but...
  14. M


    My story is about a couple of female furries getting dumped by their furry bfs when they find out she's pregnant. When they get new apartment buddies, who are humans, love blooms.
  15. Bread Shack

    NSFW YCH (6/6 slots open)

    this ych involves vore/oviposition/pregnancy comment here to claim a spot! www.furaffinity.net: Vore/Oviposition/Pregnancy YCH by TheBreadShack $20 each!
  16. RubieOnyx

    A Pregnant Goddess

    Okay, really not much of a goddess but when the majority of your friends call you as such, you kind of just roll with it. Lol. So, I'm looking for an artist who's willing to do a little preggo piece for me of my girly. I've been promising some people that this will happen and I can't...
  17. The Owl King

    Anthro, Head, Above Waist, Full ~$5-$35

    Paypal Only! I don't only do pregnancy, but it is my specialty. Mpreg included. My Terms of Service: here +$5 for kicking animations Examples: Beginning with 5 slots!: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.