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  1. Plouc the Dragon

    My Personal Artwork of Plouc the Dragon ✨

    EDIT: New title, because I wanted to post my artowrk of my scalesona. I made my scalesona about a month ago. What do you think of my perma-preggy dragon, Plouc? https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48660693/
  2. C

    NSFW YCH For Auction-(Birth)

    I currently have a pregnant wolf YCH available for auction over on the main site. It is rated for Adults only. Check it out!- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44301494/
  3. PurpleBoi80

    My fursona the Pregnant Female Were-Rabbit (NFSW)

    my fursona is based off of Wallace and gromit it curse of the were-rabbit and it’s basically that but it’s a pregnant female she’s hot she has big boobs and a big ass and a big pregnant belly, what do you guys think about it?
  4. PurpleBoi80

    Looking for someone to do a request to make my fursona (Nfsw)

    My fursona is a pregnant female or regular female as the were rabbit and I’m looking for someone to make that for me she could be transforming or already transformed dm me on my discord if you’re interested in doing this for me and for more details. Discord: PurpleBoi80#7490
  5. cyberwuffy

    selling off originals [$15-$100]

    Please respond directly to the FA journal. Apparently I have a 10000 character cutoff here... www.furaffinity.net: selling off originals -- cyberwuffy's Journal
  6. Milk-jug

    YCH Auction - Pool Hotties

    This is a YCH auction I have going on right now on my FA :D www.furaffinity.net: YCH - Pool Hotties by Milk-Jug SB for each Hottie is 10 USD ' This is a bidding YCH. and minimum increase bid is 5$ o: Species can be changed on all of them. But heads up, picture wont work if you have big wings...
  7. ruruscube

    Mayternity transformation YCH!

    Here: (NSFW for nudity) www.furaffinity.net: Mayternity YCH (OPEN) by ruruscube
  8. M


    My story is about a couple of female furries getting dumped by their furry bfs when they find out she's pregnant. When they get new apartment buddies, who are humans, love blooms.
  9. RubieOnyx

    A Pregnant Goddess

    Okay, really not much of a goddess but when the majority of your friends call you as such, you kind of just roll with it. Lol. So, I'm looking for an artist who's willing to do a little preggo piece for me of my girly. I've been promising some people that this will happen and I can't...
  10. D

    Guro/Gore Artist: Alien Pregnancy

    I'm looking for an artist to draw a short comic or manga in which a few characters are impregnated by an alien. In this comic, a girl's stomach gradually gets larger until bursting open with an alien brood. Her friends notice their bellies growing too, but by then it's too late to save...
  11. RimaraBernadette

    2 YCH

    Hey guys I am back with two more pregnant YCH!! 1st one: www.furaffinity.net: Pregnant Belly YCH [OPEN] by RimaraBernadette ^Belly adopt! 2nd one: www.furaffinity.net: Trouble with Clothes YCH [OPEN] by RimaraBernadette ^Trouble with Clothes Both of these sell for $15 each! If a single...
  12. The Owl King

    Anthro, Head, Above Waist, Full ~$5-$35

    Paypal Only! I don't only do pregnancy, but it is my specialty. Mpreg included. My Terms of Service: here +$5 for kicking animations Examples: Beginning with 5 slots!: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.