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  1. TheKraftyHyena

    Sabretooth premade head for sale

    I recently finished a head only premade and am looking to sell for £500 plus shipping, shipping costs depend on where you're located. The olive green used is hard to get where I'm located but I have enough left if the buyer would want it turned into a mini partial for £800. I do have it up on my...
  2. F


    Hello everyone! I’m happy to say that I’m open to make 1 full suit for a premade character! This will be my first suit so I’m afraid I don’t have examples but I have years of sewing and costume experience and wanted to try something new. This suit will be: -kemono style -digitigrade Will have...
  3. Biscayne

    (Commission) Selling: $500 Dog Mini Partial - USA Only

    Hey there! After some thought, I've decided to rehome my impulse bought mini partial AND CHARACTER (with art). Character gallery with pictures (fursuit pics in tab): Biscayne on Toyhouse Some more pics: They are a premade suit that fits up to a 27 inch head, with one size fits all hands...
  4. majestycorgi

    Pretty baby dog partial $720(free express shipping)

    [/url] [/IMG] Video: copy and paste to your browser if the link isnt work https://www.instagram.com/p/B9XE-7CiMti/?utm_sourc... THE HEAD Head size is UNIVERSAL. Glasses friendly! What mean universal? Inside there is a system of belts and pillows that you customize for yourself...
  5. S

    Fox tail for sale!

    My post for it & the Etsy link And a picture just for those glancers
  6. Skychickens

    Sky's Art Shop — Temp Closed

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping in! I have a wide array of services to offer and am so happy you are here! If you see anything you like, feel free to leave a post or send me a message! I do highly value communication with my commissioners so expect a lot of chatting. ★ I do all my payments...
  7. Kyoukiaoitatsu

    Selling Designs + Closed Species Premades

    Here are the designs I've had on the shelf for a long time and could really use a good home: (You'll get the non-watermarked version upon purchase. Paypal USD please. Can send to kyoukiaoitatsu@yahoo.com. Wait for approval first though please.) Contact Info You can reply to this forum if you...
  8. meghanmillie


    I'm looking for a couple things. First, a ferret fullsuit with digitigrade. ( milliesketches.deviantart.com: Millie ) There's more pics in my folders. Also waiting on a ref commision. I was looking for quotes under $900. I am 18 and under 5ft, 90lbs so material cost should be less than a regular...
  9. TatzelThess

    Grey Fox premade head for sale!

    Features: Toony Teeth and Small Toony Canine Nose by DreamVision Creations Lined, built as a foam and balaclava base Hand sewn and glued markings Static jaw with fantastic ventalation Toony plastic eyes (plastic sheets also purchased through DreamVision Creations) with hand painted mesh...
  10. Trishields

    Fifty Percent Off sale all adopts and premades!

    That's right. For this week only, I'm putting all of my premade and adoptable items on sale! This includes more than just adoptables! All of the adopts on this poster are currently available for purchase, as well as a few other items! You can find everything that is 50% off for this week here...
  11. Hiff

    Hiff's Plushies, Premades, and Adoptables for sale thread!

    I'm dedicating this thread to any plushies, premades, and adoptables I have for sale! Paypal only, please! Contact me here, or on DA to purchase! For my commissions thread, please check here! Plushies Peryton - $50USD + Shipping Materials: Minky, polyfil fiber, polyfil pellets, safety eyes...