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  1. EndoErean

    Im Endo! A Full time passionat artist and concept artist wanna be!

    Hey guys I've been in FA for years and I never knew this forums existed! Could you believe that? lol, My name is Endo ima 29 yo Artist who some day wants to bea concept artist for games and animated movies. I also Dream of having my own comic, with a thriving community full of wonderful...
  2. Klox

    Another "Hello Im new" thread : Hello, I'm new !

    You'll never guess what : I'm new here ! Nice to meet you ! The name's Klox, they, 20s. I like many things ! Like foxes, crows, putting too much emoji everywhere, possum, useless anecdotes, manga n retro music, jumping from one point to another whithout transition or connection, and other...
  3. Taïga

    Taïga, good hyena

    Hello everyone, I plunged in the "world" of furry a few months ago. I've got several lovers, friends and acquaintances that have one or more fursona and identify to them to varying degrees (often, a deep connection). I'm active on Mastodon (custom instance of one of my SOs) and I see a good...
  4. -ChocolateDonut-

    That bitter moment you get a cold sweat because you gotta introduce yourself *ahem*

    Hello! Nice to virtually meet you all. I’m Chocolate Donut (Choco or Donut for short, whatever you find tastier). I’m supposed to say something about me without sounding extremely boring or narcissist. How the hell does one do that? I guess I’ll make a list and I’ll keep it short: I’m new...
  5. OmgACorgi

    Hello FA, FA follow4follow

    Hello FA community, I'm not exactly a new pea here, but I'd like to support artists within the community, so I propose doing a follow4follow for our FA accounts. We could start with a small presentation and the FA link. Who I'm I? I'm Corgi :P, I do art for a living, I consider myself a broad...
  6. AoiAiron

    Hello World!!

    Hi! I'm an artist from Venezuela. I have drawn furry for YEARS!!! But i recently found this site! I think i will start posting some old work ;) Nice to meet all of you!