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  1. unholysystemsinc

    Help me re-price my art!

    I feel like I may be overpricing or undercharging for my artwork. I also have another question - is my artwork what you would consider “high quality”? CURRENT PRICES NSFW GALLERY SFW GALLERY
  2. Chomby

    Forum Adopt Pricing Inquiries?

    Is there a place where I can ask about adopt pricing? They're hard to price and community feedback would be very helpful, especially for niche adopts like mine.
  3. kitsunekoneko

    Returning to art - I Need help pricing

    Hello everyone. So I'm getting back into art. I've been gone for like... 3 years due to mental health stuff that completely killed my will to draw. But I've returned to the game now, and I stopped by the request forums to find some characters to draw for a week or two. My gallery is full of old...
  4. RayFloret

    Any advice for commission burnout? [Prices revised! Thoughts?]

    Hello! I hope this is the right category to post this in! I've worked on commissions pretty consistently from February to late May. Several commissions a week, from Monday to Thursday -- usually working from lunchtime to late evening or early in the night (I'm a slow worker who struggles with...
  5. AmaraBurrger

    Commission Ethics Question from Artist

    (Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums. I couldn't find a spot that fit correctly, so I just dumped this in General Discussion since I'm not asking about prices, specifically - just about the ethical implications discussed below. Thank you!) Hey all. I've been doing commission...
  6. Pawpadcomrade

    [NSFW] Would increasing my prices be unrealistic?

    I've been taking commissions for the better part of a year now, and I'm starting to get to the point where I'm declining potential commissioners because I've got too much on my plate. I've heard it said that this is a sign to increase your prices, but I'm skeptical of doing so. I feel like a...
  7. Kylan Velpa

    Getting started and pricing

    So recently I started practicing more pixel art. I had prior experience, though not much. After making a cute image for my BF on Valentine's day I picked it back up again, and started adapting it into a cute sticker/emote pack for my sona Kylan. People seem to like them a lot, furs and non-furs...
  8. CyberStarFoxy

    Pricing YCH?

    Hi! I'm not a new artist, but I'm kinda starting over due to a previous incident with stalking and safety issues. SO I don't have a slew of examples because I fear sharing from my old gallery would just make me able to be found. SO, I was going to ask if you guys could give me an idea of a fair...
  9. kangabanga

    How to fairly price animated gifs?

    Hello all. I had a question about fairly pricing animated gifs. Currently I'm charging per unique frame, but I understand that gets expensive very quickly even when im pricing these frames at a discounted rate. I was wondering if any other gif makers or animators had advice on what may be best...
  10. R

    please help me price my artwork!

    i am not sure this is the right forum (i am brand new to furaffinity) to ask for pricing help, so please lock/move this thread if it's in the wrong place. i need to earn as much money as possible to help me support my mother and three younger brothers, and i decided i'll start doing...
  11. Raptorworks

    Thoughts on my dinosaur mask technique?

    So I'd really like to start selling masks and bases with a focus on realistic/semi-realistic dinosaurs, dragons, and similar creatures, and I think I've got a construction technique that works pretty well: EVA foam. (A raptor mask in the process of being built; I've made a lot more progress...
  12. Nephliis

    Pricing Help?

    I am unsure as to how much I should really be charging here. I would very much like your opinions. x3 /feel free to shoot me an offer if you'd like a commission :)
  13. Bread Shack

    Commissions Open!

    Hey guys, my commissions are open! Artwork Gallery for TheBreadShack -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Olive Garden (@thebreadshack) • Instagram photos and videos here are all my examples! DIGITAL COMMISSION PRICES ✨Simple (Dot Eyes)✨ ✨headshot $5✨ ✨bust $10✨ ✨waist up $15✨ ✨full body $20✨...
  14. CreatureOfHabit

    Seeking Advice - Prices & TOS

    Hey there! I've been on FA for a little bit now, and at the urging of friends and family, I finally got the nerve up to open myself to commissions a little over three months ago. I researched pricing from several different perspectives, tried to make sure my own lack of self-esteem didn't get in...
  15. Gela98

    too expensive arts or... ?

    hi...I can't find any commissioners for a quite long time.Can somebody check my prices ? Are my prices too eexpensive ? warning: you can find many pony examples here XD (i was ... and i am still pony artist >.>) my prices are here --- > gela98cminfo.weebly.com: Commission Information and...
  16. Aila Anne

    Commission Pricing Question

    Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to FA, and the furry community. I'm interested in doing art commissions of all kinds here, but I'm worried at seeing so many artists working for such low costs. I'd like to ask your opinions about my prices for commissions, and the quality of work I'm offering...
  17. Jeda

    Need Help Pricing!

    I'm not sure how much my art is worth, i mean i tried to wing it but not many people have bought. And i know this may not be the reason people buy, but i wanted to at least price them right! XD my art: Userpage of scenekiddogood921 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  18. drawain

    TRADITIONAL // 15€ sketch // color & bw

    Heyho, I'm falling in love with traditional mixed media and I would like to offer one of these here: Slots: 1. Shipping inclusive. Payment upfront via PAYPAL. I have semester break and am making up the lost time from living apart from bf/family/friends. But I'll be finished with your...