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pride month

  1. Mobius Katchmar

    ($25 Budget) Interested in some Pride Month-themed stuff.

    Hello everyone. Today, I'm in the market to look for people who can do some Pride Month-Themed stuff for my character in his formal outfit, as the President of California in the setting I've made for him. His ref sheet can be found here: I'm not too sure what sort of stuff that would entail...
  2. bookfangeek

    [OPEN] Pride Month YCHs!

    I'd been meaning to make these for SO long! I'm glad I finally found some time to get the sketches done! All species are welcome! Though if you have a feral OC and would like a humanoid YCH, I will have to turn them anthro. And here's a chibi example because I realized there's no chibi on my...
  3. Colorfuluwu

    MONTH OF PRIDE! ~YCH~ ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

    It's the month of pride! Take advantage of this offer to place your cute OC in a beautiful drawing at an affordable price yay! I accept changing the flag, I can place any gender or species. NOTE: THE PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! ! I can adjust to the client's budget. PRICES! Cute couple for 15$...
  4. catcooties

    LGBT+ Pride YCH OPEN

    GO HERE TO BID: www.furaffinity.net: OPEN- PRIDE YCH by catcooties RULES AND INFO -do not bid if you can't afford to. SERIOUS BIDS ONLY -you must pay immediately after the auction ends via paypal USD -any species/genders/builds -any pride flags (including ace/aro flags) -no characters...
  5. Dinocanid

    $10 Pride Month YCH Sale

    Info: All slots will close on July 1st Both the ribbon and the background will be the flag color, but they don't have to be the same. To buy, just shoot me a PM here or on FA The YCH is also available on Weasyl and Deviantart if you prefer there Please allow at least 2 days for me to complete...