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  1. TaurenLove

    Bear Pride - newest work

    www.furaffinity.net: Bear Pride by Tauren_Love Had a lot of fun drawing this boy - he's going to end up in my apparel store on Esty (hopefully on Amazon Merch too if they accept the design - might be too borderline for Amazon - not sure). I'll update with links of people are keen when those...
  2. CptnSpiffy

    What type of RP would you like to 'see'?

    First off, hello! As like many others who poke their heads to the RP side of FA's forums I want a good RP so that I can let my creative build up come out! Other sites I have just done the usual, either joined a current ongoing one and molded a character from scratch to fit or I would attempt...
  3. GraySkies

    Pride Adopts! $10 Each

    Hey all! I know there are a few of these going around but I wanted to do something festive since I had to miss my local pride parade! They are each 10$ and you can do whatever you'd like to them once they are adopted! www.furaffinity.net: Pride Adopts! $10 Each by GraySkies I am also open...
  4. Spippy

    $7-$8 Thigh high socks YCH

    Unlimited slots! most characters will be accepted! The only thing I'm not too sure about accepting atm is winged characters. examples: Socks do not have to be pride socks. socks can also be made shorter If you wish to have multiple sock designs on the same character it'll be $1 for...
  5. DexterDraws

    Stickers (+free icons) (lgbt)

    Alright so yesterday I got bored and made a few pride paws! These are free to use as Icons or you can put em on your ref or whatever, just don't resell them :3 There are more right here Artwork Gallery for dexter.draws -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you don't see your flag, let me know and...
  6. bookfangeek

    [OPEN] Pride Month YCHs!

    I'd been meaning to make these for SO long! I'm glad I finally found some time to get the sketches done! All species are welcome! Though if you have a feral OC and would like a humanoid YCH, I will have to turn them anthro. And here's a chibi example because I realized there's no chibi on my...
  7. FinnthePup

    $7 PRIDE YCH {unlimited} & commissions!

    Closed because Pride Month is over :)
  8. Colorfuluwu

    MONTH OF PRIDE! ~YCH~ ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

    It's the month of pride! Take advantage of this offer to place your cute OC in a beautiful drawing at an affordable price yay! I accept changing the flag, I can place any gender or species. NOTE: THE PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! ! I can adjust to the client's budget. PRICES! Cute couple for 15$...
  9. G

    Happy Pride Month!

    So I guess it’s pride month? Well damn, that just means another excuse to throw a party awooo! Happy pride month to everyone out there! For those of you who are still closeted, hang in there, it’s a tough road but you’ll make it! To everyone else, have a great time :3
  10. Inferno

    Belleville Furries - First Meet'n'Greet

    Hey guys! I recently started up a Belleville Furries Community, hoping to reach out to those in the Belleville + Surrounding Areas! On Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST - Belleville Furries will be meeting up throughout the day! I am a Volunteer/Volunteer Photographer for Belleville Pride...
  11. Inferno

    Belleville Pride 2017 (ONTARIO, CANADA)

    Pride is coming to Belleville, Ontario! When: Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST [Parade begins at 11am EST] Where: West Zwick's Island Park 10 Bay Bridge Road Belleville, Ontario k8P 4T9 Canada **FREE ADMISSION - ALL AGES** **FURSUITERS WELCOME - WE'VE HAD SOME IN THE PAST** Come on out for a...
  12. P

    ~FREE Pride YCH!~

    hey you guys it's pride month!!! to spread the love I'm offering a free YCH of your fursona and the flag of your choice!! It'll look something like this: The sketch is a dog but all species will be available :3 comment with a ref of your fursona and the flag that you'd like!! Payment isnt...
  13. M

    Seven Deadly Demons group

    I want to be part of a group of friends that follow each other and occasionally draw our OC's together (SFW or NSFW) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NSFW 18+ I figure we could each have a demon that represents the seven deadly sins! Mine is Pride, he's egotistical and self obsessed, obviously, haha~...
  14. Sladin5Ever

    Pride Pups/Animals For Sale--10 slots

    Pride Pup collab commissions with LoboSong are OPEN. Any species, any sexuality/gender, no shading, $24 total ($12 per artist) 10 slots for the moment (might increase depending on popularity) Message must include: Character Reference Sheet or a VERY detailed description with the preferred...