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  1. GraySkies

    Pride Adopts! $10 Each

    Hey all! I know there are a few of these going around but I wanted to do something festive since I had to miss my local pride parade! They are each 10$ and you can do whatever you'd like to them once they are adopted! www.furaffinity.net: Pride Adopts! $10 Each by GraySkies I am also open...
  2. Spippy

    $7-$8 Thigh high socks YCH

    Unlimited slots! most characters will be accepted! The only thing I'm not too sure about accepting atm is winged characters. examples: Socks do not have to be pride socks. socks can also be made shorter If you wish to have multiple sock designs on the same character it'll be $1 for...
  3. fallingAspen

    Stickers (+free icons) (lgbt)

    Alright so yesterday I got bored and made a few pride paws! These are free to use as Icons or you can put em on your ref or whatever, just don't resell them :3 There are more right here Artwork Gallery for dexter.draws -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you don't see your flag, let me know and...
  4. bookfangeek

    [OPEN] Pride Month YCHs!

    I'd been meaning to make these for SO long! I'm glad I finally found some time to get the sketches done! All species are welcome! Though if you have a feral OC and would like a humanoid YCH, I will have to turn them anthro. And here's a chibi example because I realized there's no chibi on my...
  5. FinnthePup

    $7 PRIDE YCH {unlimited} & commissions!

    Closed because Pride Month is over :)
  6. Colorfuluwu

    MONTH OF PRIDE! ~YCH~ ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

    It's the month of pride! Take advantage of this offer to place your cute OC in a beautiful drawing at an affordable price yay! I accept changing the flag, I can place any gender or species. NOTE: THE PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! ! I can adjust to the client's budget. PRICES! Cute couple for 15$...
  7. G

    Happy Pride Month!

    So I guess it’s pride month? Well damn, that just means another excuse to throw a party awooo! Happy pride month to everyone out there! For those of you who are still closeted, hang in there, it’s a tough road but you’ll make it! To everyone else, have a great time :3
  8. Inferno

    Belleville Furries - First Meet'n'Greet

    Hey guys! I recently started up a Belleville Furries Community, hoping to reach out to those in the Belleville + Surrounding Areas! On Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST - Belleville Furries will be meeting up throughout the day! I am a Volunteer/Volunteer Photographer for Belleville Pride...
  9. Inferno

    Belleville Pride 2017 (ONTARIO, CANADA)

    Pride is coming to Belleville, Ontario! When: Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST [Parade begins at 11am EST] Where: West Zwick's Island Park 10 Bay Bridge Road Belleville, Ontario k8P 4T9 Canada **FREE ADMISSION - ALL AGES** **FURSUITERS WELCOME - WE'VE HAD SOME IN THE PAST** Come on out for a...
  10. P

    ~FREE Pride YCH!~

    hey you guys it's pride month!!! to spread the love I'm offering a free YCH of your fursona and the flag of your choice!! It'll look something like this: The sketch is a dog but all species will be available :3 comment with a ref of your fursona and the flag that you'd like!! Payment isnt...
  11. M

    Seven Deadly Demons group

    I want to be part of a group of friends that follow each other and occasionally draw our OC's together (SFW or NSFW) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NSFW 18+ I figure we could each have a demon that represents the seven deadly sins! Mine is Pride, he's egotistical and self obsessed, obviously, haha~...
  12. Sladin5Ever

    Pride Pups/Animals For Sale--10 slots

    Pride Pup collab commissions with LoboSong are OPEN. Any species, any sexuality/gender, no shading, $24 total ($12 per artist) 10 slots for the moment (might increase depending on popularity) Message must include: Character Reference Sheet or a VERY detailed description with the preferred...