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  1. Luvia

    Buying Feral furry prints!

    Hello, all! I have been in search of shops that currently sell some nice looking feral furry prints to be framed in my home. Due to my husband being a bit squeamish, I will only consider either SFW or mild NSFW (i.e. can be nude poses but not too raunchy). Not picky on print size, just as long...
  2. Spippy

    4x6 Prints! (3 slots) $8+

    Okay first I hope its okay to post threads where you wanna actually sell...real things? if not, well- oops. So I finally got around to getting more ink for my printer, and now I wanna use up some of my photo printing paper! because wow, I have a lot. These are 4x6, and very glossy! My phone...
  3. B455-W07F

    Need Critique on Print Idea!

    Hello all! So I came up with the concept of my first print series a few weeks ago- a series of prints based on bright, colorful summer cocktails, so the series title is 'Colorful Cocktails' (woo so original.) I asked my followers on FurryAmino on what the first print idea would be based on...
  4. Redprincess

    Where can I get my nsfw art printed?

    Hello, I'm new here so forgive me if this is the wrong forum. It was recommended I ask the fur affinity my question. So I draw some NSFW art and sell prints of them at conventions. However I am looking for a quality printing company I can order from instead of doing it from home. I'd like to...
  5. Jax Cottontail

    Jax Designs Commissions SFW and NSFW

    Thank you for visiting my thread. My name is Jax and I am an illustrator. I am selling prints and commissions both SFW and NSFW. Below are some examples of my work: My prices are as follows: Character Illustration Packages ~Sketch / line art: $30 per character~ Sapphire 1 Full color...
  6. Zrcalo


    Hello! I'm offering to turn your artwork into a button! BUTTONS ARE 1.5" SIZED. Not too big, not too small! 5 buttons minimum $6 (FREE SHIPPING) 10 buttons $9 (FREE SHIPPING) 20 buttons $15 (FREE SHIPPING) 40 buttons $27 (FREE SHIPPING) 40+ add an extra $3 for shipping. Please contact me for...