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  1. D

    Art Competition: Looking for a new wife

    Hello, We are BridgeZ/GameMotion and we are here to look for character that could be a wife of this other character that we have, Michael. We are reaching out again to get help with our project and invite people in become part of our project. We are looking for a character design that is the...
  2. Sai Teadvuse

    Free Art: Free portrait raffle

    Hi guys! I am holding non-human portrait raffle here www.furaffinity.net: Portrait Raffle <3 [OPEN] by SaiTeadvuse You just need to watch me on FA and choose character for participation :3 This is pretty much all. Feel free to ask any questions!
  3. Ancert.Reovolt

    Fursuit Dance Contest!

    Attention #fursuitdancers ! I am looking for fursuit dancers near Toronto Ontario and those who attend Furnal Equinox to bring awareness and support for victims of shootings in the United States of America. I want to make more music videos to support this good cause. I have found a song for...
  4. GumiTheCarrot

    200+ Watcher Raffle

    I've recently gained 200 Watchers, so I'm hosting a raffle! Prize is a spot in a YCH with one of my characters; any gender/species is welcome ;3 Ends 8/31/2018 www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]200 WATCHER RAFFLE[OPEN] -- GumiTheCarrot's Journal
  5. Kellion

    Amber the Singarti Huntress (Space Werewolves) Art Contest

    Hello, i had start my next contest Deadline is 31.08.2018 23:59 a clock MST (August 31 2018) About Aber (female human) vs Singarti (Space, Cyborg werewolves) I still search prizes and support, each share is welcome. Prize Info: --------------------------- 1# Place...
  6. A

    Street Sharks fan art contest, $100 prize

    Not sure if this is the right spot for this Send us your fake Street Sharks fan art, win a $100 ThinkGeek gift card | News | Geek.com