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  1. B

    Based on what you've seen and heard, how common is substance abuse in the fandom?

    I'm someone who doesn't drink, smoke, or use drugs (other than what is prescribed and only in the prescribed amount). I've heard some horror stories that took place at conventions and furmeets, and I'm wondering, is substance abuse an issue in the fandom? Should I be concerned? I'm okay with pot...
  2. ZanyRaptor

    Valve Index gray screen/not detecting base stations (FIXED)

    I got a Valve Index (as well as a NZXT Streaming PC) as a birthday present a few days ago, and it's been working perfectly for the first 2 days. It ran VRChat smoothly and perfectly. Then, all of a sudden, this night, I turned on SteamVR and put on the headset only to realize that it's...
  3. A

    Main Site [fixed, kind of] Imagus browser extension no longer works with FA when logged in

    EDIT: Issue was fixed by reinstalling the addon, but updating rules breaks it again, see >this post< Imagus web browser extension for Chrome (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.....eppnmlhakdmaab) no longer works on FA when I am logged in. It works fine when I am logged out. It worked when...
  4. BlenkEntertainment

    Main Site I need help with an user

    I hate drama, a lot, I don't want to harass , troll, or expose any user. I just want to post submissions and interact with a few users like everyone else. I having a little problem with an user that requested me to make a MLP comic based on his stories (He sent me a note saying "NSFW /Mature...
  5. VX666

    FA on Twitter down?

    What happened to Furaffinity on twitter? Cant reply to them and everything seems stuck Fur Affinity (@furaffinity) on Twitter
  6. Rap Daniel

    Main Site Error 524 when I try to upload a submission

    I'm using an ASUS tablet, and when I hit "next" after selecting my picture file(which is a PNG), it gives me the 524 error code. Edit: I tried it both in and out of Incognito mode, and still got the same result
  7. bluezcherry

    XP-Pen problems

    I use a MacBook Pro 2012, before someone comes in w 'ew you use a mac?' i'm just gonna say that's what i'm using right now and i'm saving up to build my own computer that's better... But for now, I have an issue! I use an XP-Pen tablet with this laptop, and there's a weird error where the...
  8. Bluefiremark II

    The recent issues in LGBT thread

    Would just like to say that if anything i said DID offend you I'm sorry, nothing was meant in a demeaning way or anything. Not a single word was meant as negative to lgbt. You're all great people, no different from anyone else. It is just the act i dislike, and like other things, we can have our...
  9. foxpawmcfly

    New FA Genders undid all my previous submissions

    Firstly, I'm very glad to see that FA has added more options to the submission categories. However, since most of my 1000+ submissions were labeled as "Transgender", and that option was removed and replaced with "Transgender (Male)" and "Transgender (Female)", now the vast majority of my...
  10. Katonia

    Finding colors, patterns and subspecies

    Hey there! Just like in real life, I have trouble really finding out who I am, and what best would describe or resemble me. I would have thought that would come easy to me, since I know myself since forever ;) but I don't really know how "me" translates to furry "me". I tried to commission a...
  11. halotato

    Unsupportive Friends and Wanting to be in the fandom again

    Hi there, forum people. I should give a little background: I used to openly be a furry in high school, drawing furry art in public, not denying being one, and all that stuff. I followed all the latest in the furry fandom and even drew for some people. I never had really any friends though...
  12. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

    Okay, good morning/afternoon/night dearest users! Since I began in Furaffinity, I wanted to watch a lot of people (like, a lot) and see al the amazing things they could do! Well, that was almost two years ago. Right now I don't really like to watch a lot of people, and I really tried to unwatch...
  13. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

  14. Noirjk

    Wacom Driver Software Problem Windows 8

    I couldn't find my problem anywhere and got frustrated. Before formatting the laptop, everything was fine. I could use my Wacom tablet and except the laptop as a problem itself, nothing was bad. I can't remember the old software but it wasn't Windows 8 as it is now. Maybe 10, not 8 for sure...
  15. S

    Accidentally Uploaded the wrong photo! Help!!!

    I accidentally uploaded the wrong photo, and I don't know how to delete the photo or change it out. I've tried using the 'Manage My Submissions' option, but that only has 'Newer', 'Disable Titles', 'Select All', 'Invert Selection' and 'Older' as my options. If anyone knows how to either edit the...
  16. FluffyChuck91

    Having trouble with uploading GIFs

    So, i uploaded this commission ad, which had a gif, and it wont play when i upload it. I am aware that when you full view it, the gif plays. And, i uploaded a thumb. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  17. L

    Problems and Suggestions

    Hello, I logged in again today and just encountered a problem: I can't use the site properly, since the menu with "Browse, Search, Upload, Community, Control Panel, Site Support and Log Out" covers the whole screen, disabling me to browse or look through the submissions of the Artists I follow...
  18. F

    Thumbnail issue

    I'm new to the forum but not to the main site. Now the problem is this: for the first time i tried to actually put a "warning thumbnail" but it does absolutely nothing for me, it will still show the thumbnail of the actual full pic. Is that one of the problems furaffinity or is there a way to...
  19. Feliscede

    Submition Problem

    Hi, I'm having a submition problem where I try to post a new pic but after some time, the browser cuts into an error page. I tried closing and opening the browser, different browsers, restarting the pc. Please help! Thank you.
  20. LinnyChanPL


    Hi.. I'm pretty upset right now so I'll try to make it clear&simple. >I own Wacom Intuos Draw tablet >my op system is windows 8.1 >none of the drivers want to work (system message is like: DRIVER NOT FOUND/NOT LAUNCHED) >tried to install every single one driver for intuos from wacom's site...