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  1. fluffgator

    Sketchbook: FG's Doodle Tea ✦ Mostly Furry.. sometimes Dragons and Humans too!

    I've been lurking in the community for a decent bit because social anxiety, but might as well share recent arts from my iPad. Feel free to share your art too and discuss/vibe with me. You can call me by Effigy or FG. My pronouns are they/them. And I'm looking forward to be more active here.
  2. Patpourri

    Recent art!

    I still find it overwhelming to post in the main site as I am fairly new here. I guess I’ll dump stuff in this thread for the meantime as I try to learn the ropes of FA. This is a friend’s Yokai. I’m super glad he loves it :oops: This is a trade and I’m very excited to see what he comes up...
  3. Olivitree

    Sketchbook: Olivitree's Arts and crafts

    Hey all, thought I would start a sketchbook and showcase some things I'm doing lately. Below is some of my latest stuff just to get us started, what do you think? Anything you would do differently? I'm open to comments and critique if you have it but, not really what the post is aimed at, I...
  4. acid8erry

    Sketchbook: some hotline miami fan arts

    heyyy I just finished first game and im in the middle of the second one and boiiii I love it, the music, gameplay, characters, aesthetic - all of it hits me right where I want it so as with my most short lived obsessions I decided to drew some fan arts, for now just sketches :>> so first to go...
  5. Furrium

    Which is better: turn your iPad into a graphics tablet (ie, buy a Duet Display program) or buy a new

    In general, the question is, buy me a Duet Display program and draw in Photoshop or buy a Procreate program on a tablet
  6. S. Zissou

    Thumbails & Portraits

    Hi! I'm Zissou and I wanted to post some sketches I've done over the last five months.
  7. coldbrew

    Anybody draws on the iPad?

    I use ProCreate and recently started using an Adonit Jot Pro pen. ProCreate's probably the best app for drawing/painting ever, and I use it all the time. Been using the iPad as my main workstation ever since the laptop died; plus, it's really sweet and works like a mini budget Cintiq XD Just...