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profile pic

  1. JulesDaWolf

    Request: Twitter Profile Pic (and optional Twitter Banner)

    Hello! Currently, I am using my FA Forums account's profile pic as my Twitter account's profile pic. Would anyone like to create a new profile pic for my Twitter account plz? I would prefer that the profile pic is of my Sonic-styled fursona Jules Wolf...
  2. sausy1

    Profile pic isn't showing up on the main website

    I would like my profile pic on the FurAffinity main website to be the same pic I'm using on the forums. I've changed my Profile ID and waited for two days, but nothing happened. Any ideas? Here's the post if you need it: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41443881/
  3. Dear_Ruby

    how to upload a high quality profile pic

    I can only upload pics that are 100x100 pixels and you can hardly see anything. I see other users with higher quality pictures and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure this out. thanks
  4. RenniksArts

    (Commission) Selling: Profile Icons from £10gbp

    Want a Profile pic for your Social Media Needs? You can grab one from me for as little as £10gbp and get its as soon as the same day of purchase! What can you get? Flatcolour Icon: £10gbp Cellshaded Icon: £15gbp Fullshaded Icon: £25gbp These are commissions that can be done quickly but with...
  5. Spitfire110

    Hiring: Profile picture. 10-25$

    I'm looking for someone who can make a nice profile picture for me to use on Discord and FA. If you are interested please message me for details.
  6. H

    (Commission) Selling: I will draw ANYTHING you want (SFW/NSFW)($5-$100)

    OK so I will basically draw anything you want, sfw or nsfw. My art is digital and cell shaded, and I accept payment through PayPal. I will finish a piece fairly quickly in under a week, unless its a very big commission. Here's some of my art, Portfolio - Google Drive (keep in mind that I can...
  7. SunGod

    ~SunGod's Paintings! [$25-$100+ • SFW + NSFW] - Semi-realistic Paintings, Sketches, Headshots~

    ~SunGod's Opening Debut!~ I'm relatively new to this world, please be patient with me!:p Hello everyone! I'm SunGod! I'm a digital artist specialising in semi-realistic paintings! I draw most things except humans - but I can always discuss with you, just DM me! Accepting Paypal commissions...
  8. T

    commission for Profile Pic

    I am looking for an artist who is great at drawing pictures and/or coloring them. I am changing my profile pic to something that matches my ideal character. It is a body and build of a wolf, with the wings and horns of a dragon, with some traits of a kitsune thrown in. It has to be a male...
  9. Reserved_Krolik

    Hello! I'm new, and I'm doing some profile pic requests.

    I'm Reserved Krolik, and I'm trying to build a portfolio. So... I'm gonna do a total of three requests! I'm new to this, so please be patient with me. For starters, I suppose profile pics would be good? 400x400, Black and white line art for starters? Please comment below for your request! 1...
  10. pasta.apocalypse

    $8 Headshot/Profile Picture Commissions!

    Doing headshot commissions which are perfect as profile pictures! I can do any species, the more unique, the better! Once I accept your commission, send me your reference sheet. I'll create the lineart and send it to you. (if your character is particularly complicated or unique, I'll probably...
  11. Drago118

    Account Problem: (SOLVED)Can't update profile image

    I am rather new to furry but I wanted to change my profile image(icon) but it said error, you must be logged in, even when I am logged in and I am trying to change it while being logged in. PLEASE HELP!!!
  12. K

    How do I do this?

    Alright, so by the looks of my profile pic, I am quite the newb, so i would like if some of you more "seasoned" FA users could help me out. My first question: how do I change my profile pic?