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profile picture

  1. Zorrena

    Looking for someone to make a discord animated pfp [artist found]

    I recently found out that you can have an animated discord pfp and I had the idea of maybe having one to where when I talk it has like a looping thing where it opens and closes its mouth. I know it wont match the pace at whatever I'm saying but just to have it do that I think could be abit funny...
  2. sausy1

    Profile pic isn't showing up on the main website

    I would like my profile pic on the FurAffinity main website to be the same pic I'm using on the forums. I've changed my Profile ID and waited for two days, but nothing happened. Any ideas? Here's the post if you need it: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41443881/
  3. Brotafur

    (Commission) Selling: New artist offering cartoony SFW portraits/avatar commissions. Starting at £10 ($13)

    Hopefully the picture says it all! Link to the FA upload here for more detailed info. I'm pretty new here and want to try and do some portraits for people. I specialised in a variety of cartoony styles that sit somewhere between Disney and anime, but I can do more iconographic or chibi stuff...
  4. Chomby

    Forum Being able to have animated profile pictures?

    Lots of forums allow animated gifs to be profile pictures, including FLO. Would that be hard to implement?
  5. LinnyChanPL

    Request: Searching for a new profile pic! (I can thank you with art piece)

    Heeeeeeey! It's been nearly 3 years since I've changed my profile pic on FA. I'd like a new one ^w^ Profile pic should be my OC, Linnie, in her new outfit: www.furaffinity.net: Linnie - 3d reference sheet by LinnyChanPL Pic can be anything from digital to pixel art. If you could animate...
  6. Dear_Ruby

    how to upload a high quality profile pic

    I can only upload pics that are 100x100 pixels and you can hardly see anything. I see other users with higher quality pictures and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure this out. thanks
  7. Marcl

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel art profile pictures

    Hello! So I am making pixel art profile pictures. Like these one: Also you can check out my gallery on FA: Artwork Gallery for Marcl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net The image size is 64x64, but I also provide a scaled-up version. While there's little space for the background, we can come up...
  8. Patricius

    I need a Picture for my Profile

    So after i got my RefSheet a few weeks ago, i now need a Profilpic. So basically just a simple Headshot or Bust in the range from 10$-25$. Will pay in Paypal. If anyone is interessted, please just leave a quick message with some Examples.
  9. Val_Redwolf

    LF Profile picture for new Sona

    Hello! I was just looking to see if someone might be able to do a somewhat detailed profile avatar image for a new sona I am making. Price Range: $20-30 USD (Paypal) Time Requirement: As soon as possible. Format: A bust style profile picture (Head, Chest, Shoulders) looking for something...
  10. Niedlich the Folf

    Profile picture

    I just need a head shot for a profile picture and have no money to spare... ahh nobody will probably care for me. Any way the eyes are both green, the fur is blue, no mane, wolf (obviously), male, tips of ears are black, no other markings stripes or scars. Anyone think this is good enough if a...
  11. V

    Need a Profile Pic

    I need a Profile Picture made b/c i'm new here. Maybe a Canine that is black and red themed. Thx
  12. SevenArms

    Icons for $5 each!

    Icon sale!! -The final pic will not have a watermark. -I can work without a reference sheet (just give me a really good description) -You must pay in advance. -Any species welcome including humans, orcs, trolls or any other monster. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! ^-^/ For more...
  13. Sharklore

    ♛ Sharktank: digital fullbodies, busts, and more! ♛

    Hello, hello! Welcome to my thread. Thanks for taking a look! I have a few different commission types open and I'm excited to be drawing! I'll go over my shop info really quickly here, but you can find a whole overview at my website Art Examples and Prices: What I can draw...
  14. Fern the Emotional Wolf

    [SOLVED] Profile Picture

    Hey everyone... I'm new, and I'm on mobile. I was wondering if anyone could explain how to change my profile picture? Thanks!