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  1. shenkkazoo

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Jack-o-Lantern Icon YCH [$25]

    You can have any design on the pumpkin you want- as long as it’s SFW and not a hate symbol of course. Check over my TOS and reply/PM me if you’d like one! This year's set so far: Some past examples:
  2. Rubberkitten

    Missing Age on FA Profiles

    I noticed while i was visiting Watchers and people faving, getting to know my audience, and i noticed that every single member had their age missing on their profiles. Even friends i know who had them on are missing as well. I asked a friend and he said mine is not shown either. Is there...
  3. Jessica Snow

    Main Site [Help] Fancying up my main profile?

    I see that basic BBcode is accepted, but I cannot paste BBcode that displays an image? How can I make my profile a little less... lame... if I can't post images or graphics I've made?
  4. Freddydanger

    Animated Pixel Icons - 25$

    Hello everyone, my name is Freddy and I am offering pixel icon commissions at the moment. Please look over the examples and read the information below. Single icon simple expression: 35$ Couple Icon: 45$ (example is out of time, sorry) Triple Icon: 60$ I will do any size you wish for...
  5. Awoos the Plush

    The favourites page interface sucks

    Since FA is redesigning it's website anyway, I have one little suggestion for an update: Change the interface of the "favourites" page on profiles. the current interface works really crappy, because: It isn't organised in pages like page #1 or page #2, instead the pages are sorted like 1 day...
  6. Sealterbloind

    Finally finished my protogen's profile!

    I designed a protogen character of myself well over a month ago, but I found it really hard to write any info about her because I was trying too hard to include every aspect of myself into this one sona, but after browsing through the FA forums I realized that it's totally fine to have multiple...
  7. D

    Need Avatar for FurAffinity World

    Honestly I don't know what this will go for? I know I'll easily pay $10-30 for a good profile pic, but my problem is that im not even sure how I'd appear.... X"D I'm a human, an open-minded Christian, a gamer, a micro(or normal sized next to a giantess), a scaley, a poet, a deep-thinker, a...
  8. ArkhorDragon

    Hiring: LF Animated Profile Icon (Dragon)

    Hey I'm ideally looking for a good animator with a cartoon like style, with 10-20 frames at least. With a 3d look to the animation rather than a 2d plane. Current Idea (Open to Suggestions) - My Character smirking including moving of snout, sticking out his tongue playfully, then finishing...
  9. snizard

    On discord

    Hello As said on the title, i'm on discord now. Feel free to add me ;) (To see my discord name you have to see it on my fa profile) Snizard
  10. ananio

    hay guys

    New to the furry thing . Bite me softly i guess Stuff about me : 17/F / debate club member /draws anime girls waytoo much/ barely surviving highschool / i guess im gonna start drawing neko girls from now on haha.
  11. Deathless

    Profile Picture Size

    I was wondering if there was a way to make it so you can make bigger pictures to fit into a profile picture. I would love to make someone's art my profile picture without cropping it (too much). I'm not sure if it can even be changed but I think it's something to consider if the change is...
  12. H

    Profile ASCII Help

  13. Moogie69

    Need a headshot/icon, will write you a short story

    Hello all you lovely beautiful talented artists! I'm in need of a proper profile image to replace this terrible rando-generated cat pic. I write all sorts of SFW and NSFW so pretty much whatever you'd like, I've got you covered. I'm thinking a nice profile image would be a simple headshot...
  14. B

    Profile Question

    I tried posting on "Main Site and Forum Support," but I didn't have the privilege to do so. Maybe I had to post in introductions or something. ANYWAYS, I hope this section of the forums can work. Is it possible to post a gif under the "Profile Information" section on your profile using [ i m g...
  15. Rodauce

    How to copy someone else BB Coding to use it as template? (If not possible, then it's okay)

    Hi~ I really enjoy Furaffinity, and I love to customize my profile, but the thing is that I see someone's BB Coding really cool, and I would love to have the same of it, but it's really hard like to put it in and that's why I'm asking for someone if there's a possibility that I can borrow...
  16. Schneewittchen

    Sketch and full colour commission [open]

    Hello! I'm Schnee and I'm open for commissions! If there are any questions, just shot me a message. I draw: - Human and anthro - Sexy clothing and poses I don't draw: - full nudity Extra character: Sketch Full colored Waist up: +10$ + 20$ Fullbody...
  17. Austin Silver

    Quick question

    I've noticed a separate image on some profiles labeled "profile ID," just wondering what that was for. Thanks!!
  18. T

    Hi, I'm new here, came to find help with artist tag

    Greetings, so i came to this forum to ask for help, i want to know how to set up a custom artist tag because i mostly do mechanical 3d shapes if that considered an art.
  19. pasta.apocalypse

    $8 Headshot/Profile Picture Commissions!

    Doing headshot commissions which are perfect as profile pictures! I can do any species, the more unique, the better! Once I accept your commission, send me your reference sheet. I'll create the lineart and send it to you. (if your character is particularly complicated or unique, I'll probably...
  20. S

    Needing a little bit of help

    Howdy! I am new to forums and not sure exactly where my question would fit so I figured General discussions would be a good place to start! I previously had another account with Fur Affinity many a year ago but I don't remember any of the login info and no longer have access to the email that...