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  1. SaltedMcfluffy

    Hiring: ($150+) Looking for a Lua coder for potential long term work on a project

    Project: We're a small team creating a largely text-based adventure game, and are looking for a coder who'd like to work with us to bring it into the world! It'll be an 18+ adventure game with major RPG elements, a strong narrative, and a wealth of kinky content (think along the lines of CoC or...
  2. M

    Programmer/Software Developer looking for side work

    I'm a programmer for a few years in the software industry and I'm looking for something more productive to do in my spare time. With that said, I'm wondering if anyone has any projects out there, be it generic software, video games etc that they'd like an extra pair of hands to help out on, or...
  3. zabe

    Calling all programmers <3

    How the heck do you make a module in RAPTOR ;w;
  4. K

    Any programmers out there?

    Heya folks, any of you fine furs out there proficient in programming? I myself do some coding in C++ (still learning) and had done some coding in Java (I coded my first turn based rpg in java). I was wondering if any of ya folks liked programming game engines and the like! Nothing terrible...
  5. Deimos MDT

    Looking for someone to teach me c#

    I'm looking for someone to help me learn c# and eventually Python and JS. I already know some basic c++ and another language made for learning the basics of programming. So if anyone wants to help me with that I would be grateful.
  6. D

    Dr Bubbles joins the battle!

    Hey guys, Dr Bubbles here, uhhh introductions... god i suck at this but here we go!... I am a programmer, right now I am developing a website along with a friend named Ron, yea, just Ron. well it's more like he is developing the website, I am developing the main point of that website, a game...