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  1. F

    Recommended Programs

    Feel free to post any programs you have used before and would recommend to others below. Mine (all are free): 7-Zip - Read and compress files in many formats with high compression ratios Notepad++ - "Notepad on serious steroids" - Forgot who said this but it fits perfectly GraphicsGale - Pixel...
  2. MalGV

    Any free video-making programs you could recommend?

    Hey everyone, So I'm thinking about creating YouTube videos (on possibly art tutorials, some art history, showing how I do things, ect.) for supplemental income until I can find a job. I can't yet afford Adobe Premier Rush. Thinking I could just use iMovie, I tried to update it, only to...
  3. D

    Shy dragon here to say hi and make friends!

    Hello! I've been a furry for quite awhile but have lurked around until recently. Decided to gather the courage to get my fursona made and I am so happy about it. :3 He's quite a looker. Anyways I'm into video games and math! I also have been learning how to code on and off but don't have much of...
  4. K

    Art programs! What do you use?

    Hello I'm kind of new here, although I've been doing digital art for quite a bit now. I wanted to start off to ask what everyone's preferred programs are. Mine is Clip Studio Paint Pro (and I will recommend it to anyone who asked) . Any other Clip Studio artists out there?
  5. theCRAZYshow

    I'm still a newb

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows about any good free painting tools :) Thanks.