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  1. DireAltis

    My progress across my first 4 paintings!

    I wanted to share my progress across my first 4 uploads. The first 3 were requests, the last one, on the right, is my own OC, Dire Rexis. Here is my FA for anyone interested! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/direaltis/
  2. Liseran Thistle

    Sketchbook: Two illustrations I did after not drawing for awhile

    here are two drawings I decided to do since commissions are slow, and no one wants to hire me. I did these after feeling a little down. They're drawings of me and my friends make characters dressed up as gals for laughs. One is a possum the other is a bat. I'm not sure how I feel about the...
  3. Liseran Thistle

    Art progression 2019-2020

    I have been working on using my tablet to draw ever since I got it last year. I drew this picture of my fursona Parlor the very first day I got my tablet. I was using a program called Autodesk Sketchbook in order to make this drawing, and I was drawing it on my grandma's old Dell desktop...
  4. Innocent Sheep

    Artblock war journey ( New art!)

    Hi! I'm Kala! Currently I came back from a very long hiatus. During that I fought a very hard artblock that took a big toll on me and my confidence ( turns out it was affected by previously undiagnosed adhd!). Now I can finally say I am proud of my new piece that I fully finished <3 I hope you...
  5. PandashK

    show me your old and today's art!

    well its been literally ages since i last logged here and wow found some really old crappy art of mine that gives me cringes may 2016 like dude, what is this 2018 tbh i feel really proud of the improvement in 2 years after real hard work, studies and practice. show me your progress!
  6. ChromaticRabbit

    Community Ideals and value: building and defending

    What are the ideals of the community that has formed around this fandom? Are they fundamentally different from those in other fandoms, such as anime/manga, video gaming, or general art communities? What is the spirit of a community like this, and what is not? What behaviors should be...
  7. J

    4 More Scale Tails! - 3 For Sale - Videos!

    Hello! Here's a bunch of new scale tails I got done! 3 are for sale and 1 was a commission. The commission and the fire tail where my first attempts (successful) with spikes from DVC . Commissioned Tail: www.furaffinity.net: Commission - Black Scale Tail w/Spikes by Jaye Fire Tail $60: FurBuy...
  8. crystallinecanine

    First Fursuit Head Progress!

    Watch as a mediocre quality head becomes something good! (I can't call it great because I'm not an experienced fursuit maker, but it's good for a first.) I've placed a censor on my face to preserve any dignity I have left since embracing my true fur side... Here is the character concept...