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  1. FehmArts

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions are open! DISCOUNT on additional characters!!

    Hello! I'm Feh and my commissions are currently open! 5 slots only and discount on additional characters! Visit my site for prices and information: https://fehmartscommissions.carrd.co/ If you're interested, here's my email: fehmarts@gmail.com Examples: Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.
  2. Shadowprints

    Best way to promote FurAffinity page?

    What would you say is an effective way to grow the Furaffinity pages? Out of all the art I've posted, I've managed to gain a whole 5 watchers in total. I don't expect hundreds or thousands, but I feel like I could do something to get myself out there a little more, at the same time motiviating...
  3. reptile logic

    Book giveaway contest

    (Edit: The giveaway ended some time ago. I hope that some of you managed to get a copy.)I'm giving away copies of my ebook, "The Accidental Ambassador" The promotion ends Jan 2, at 2359hrs PST or when the books run out. Sorry, this deal is only available in The States. I could find no way to...
  4. Joshua Kaleb

    No Dog’s Land Discord server

    Hey guys, I just opened up my Discord server to the public! It’s a place where people can just be themselves and chat or share their own creations and learn from other artists. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  5. Zel_____

    HUGE DISCOUNT on "Anthro" character commissions!

    Hey all! I'm running a promotion on ANTHRO character commissions. Sketches: Normally $30, now $25 Grayscale: Normally $45, now $35 Full Details: Normally $75 and up, now $65 flat Full details and order here: goo.gl: 20 Anthros in 30 Days Promotion If you don't like Googly forms, just send...
  6. Zel_____

    Announcing my "20 Anthros in 30 Days" discount commission special!

    Hey all! A while ago I did a "15 Ferals in 15 Days" special, where I drew a 'feral' or animal creature every day for 15 days. I opened some of the days up as discounted commissions of feral characters, and people seemed to really enjoy the discount and the chance to get their character done...
  7. L

    fairly new artist looking for watchers

    Hi everyone^^ I've been lurking for a while and decided it wouldn't hurt to say hi and drop some art. I draw mostly NSFW art of ladies. I think I'm slowly improving and I only draw what I enjoy but my page is pretty much invisible (probably because I'm so shy). though try not to get discouraged...
  8. dirpsaid

    Art promotion?

    Hi there! I'm looking for kind person who has FA account and can share my art page with their followers. I won't leave your without gratitude, will thank you with little traditional sketch :3 Very hope on your help! I live here: Userpage of dirpsaid -- Fur Affinity [dot] net