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  1. A

    Kraft Dinner and Martial Arts: The World of Dragon Ball Z

    In the year 2000, Funimation produced and distributed a TV special titled The World of Dragon Ball Z. Featuring a heavily abridged retelling of Dragon Ball to the preparation for the battle against the androids in Dragon Ball Z, this special was given a promotional Kraft Dinner DVD release in...
  2. Kouji

    {FREE ART} + Promo Me??

    I'm not sure if this is allowed but I read the rules and it didn't really say it isn't allowed? I will not be upset if this post is deleted, I think that's fair. But I'm trying to get my commission business off the ground, so I'm looking for promos. So if I draw something for you, it'd be hella...
  3. MeeMoe


    Hi there! :) I'm a digital artist doing character designs, fanarts, furries, anthro, humans and many more. Feel free to send me a note ^_^ Here's my commission board: Lineart (half body) - (USD)$5.00 if w/BG (additional $3.00) Lineart (full body) -(USD)$7.00 if w/BG (additional...