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  1. Klox

    Timed art promp : looking for inspo (ⓛ ω ⓛ)

    Hello~~ I hope I'm posting in the good thread ! It's kind of my first thread, dont hesitate to tell me if Im doing it wrong. I'm trying to work on my speed in drawing (and on my digital art generally). Because of that Im searching for prompts to do ! I've been doing a few artworks this week...
  2. Arnak

    Looking to take ONE prompt

    I'm bored and I would like to try and write something. I'll pick one person's prompt. No payment is needed because I'm just practicing.
  3. Lithio

    Free Art: Taking drawing requests[Closed]

    Good evening! I'm an art newbie here, studying electrical engineering, with a drawing pastime. It's my reading break this week so I should have some time to make a drawing or two. To get a rough idea of how my drawings look like, check my FA, I usually post something once a month or so. Quality...