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  1. SugarSkullGlider

    Prompts/Stories ($5 fixed for 500 word min)

    Hey all, So with my digital/traditional artwork on hold due to some freebs/commissions I am doing, on the side I wanted to open up commissions for my writing. Samples can be found here..Artwork Gallery for SugarSkullGlider -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Rules 1) I am willing to try anything from...
  2. MadXStitcher

    Prompt the Poster Above You

    Similar to the thread in the art forum, let's do one for the authors. Only, instead of trying to write for other people's characters, we'll prompt for them. Rules: Please try to write as often as you prompt Prompts can be as vague or specific as you like. These are prompts; not requests...
  3. PinkWisp

    Buffing up my skills! [Closed!]

    I'm looking to develop my art and learn a new style. You get free art! I'll post an example the of style I'm buffing up and you send me characters and the style that you want me to mimic. These are more like prompts and challenges rather than request. Exception if you support my art...
  4. PynkLemonade

    Kinktober Prompts?

    I've recently started utilizing my aquired skills as an artist to do what I've wanted to do for years...draw porn. I'm very excited to participate in kinktober this year, but I'm having trouble finding a good prompt list! If anyone has any or any prompts to suggest (with your own OC, sona, or...
  5. T

    Short Writing Samples For Free.

    I've been a writer for years. I've written for fandoms for the last 10, even had some of my work professionally published in the last 5. I've fallen out of the habit recently due to life stress and want to get back into it, and where better than here? I'm looking for people to give me prompts...
  6. supersinger472

    Writer's Discord

    Would there be any interest on this forum for a server on discord where writers can get together, talk about ocs and scenes, get prompts, and post works to be read? Think of it as having a built in group to advertise your writing to, since literature tends to go unnoticed here.