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  1. MCtheBeardie

    Hiring: ($100+) Protogen Illustration (CLOSED)

    This thread is now closed, thank you so much for all of your wonderful submissions!
  2. Anurkim

    Sketchbook: Anurkim's artwork

    Here Is the place you can see all my artwork. I use Autodesk Sketchbook app for drawing.
  3. FoxWithAName

    I have an unusal idea (Protogen Guitar)

    Hear me out, I need a project, something to do or I will eventually go insane... I picked up my Guitar again and looked and the head had an also familiar shape. I imagined how a protogen head on a guitar would look like and it struck me, did anyone done this before. I searched a bit and I could...
  4. N

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Porotgen Base ($65 USD)

    Hello all! This is my very first base I've ever drawn and selling copies at $65 US Includes 3 perspective views of: -Side -Front -Back 7 Hair Styles 5 Different Ears 2 Different Bodies 3 Different Hands 6 Different Arms 7 Different Legs 8 Different Tails Can view sample here
  5. ZombieMuffin

    I've Drawn a Thing... and Can't name it.

    For starters I don't have a good way of scanning it to upload it and if I do it will be a camera on my phone but I've been racking my head all day on what to name my Protogen-sona and was able to name another character off of his backstory that I came up with but I can't think of a good name for...
  6. ThatProtoBoi


    I'm trying to make a protogen head, and have the electronics and materials worked out, and am eyeing the Kaiborg studios parts, but Don't want to pay upwards of 60 dollars for each component, and I am looking for a frame to build the head on. Is it worth it or are there alternatives?
  7. Vesper The Coyusky

    Hiring: [CLOSED] Looking for an artist to help me design a Protogen Fursona $20-$110

    I'm looking for an artist who has design experience to help me come up with unique designs and draw my protogen fursona, based on his personality. Complex designs are prefered, but might also look at simple designs. I need an artist to help come with ideas to see what fits my protogen's...
  8. Unity_the_protogen

    searching for a person who makes a Protogen head

    hi, I am looking for who can make protogen heads i am new to this kind of stuff and i dont really know what to expect thanks for the help greetings,
  9. FunkerFox

    Protogen Appreciation Thread

    Everyone post your protogens below, here is my boy Plex. Art by feve on FA
  10. M

    Looking for an NSFW commission

    Hullo! I'm in search of an artist who is willing to do an NSFW protogen piece for my character ^^ If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful! Stay safe out there!
  11. S

    My Hybrid Fursona (no artwork yet)

    (I took the bio form stickied just to try to answer all of these) Name: BOB-42 Nickname: Sharky Age: 136 Sex: Male Species: Hybrid (Protogen + Shark + Tank) Height: Regular Form - 7'4 | Tank Form - 12'4 Weight: Regular Form - 36k | Tank Form - 57k Appearance: Protogen - Colors: Hair color =...
  12. S


    I joined at the worst time possible lmao, right after a DDoS, welp. oh yeah introductions Hewo, I am Sharky, I am a Protogen+Shark hybrid, still working on my fursona cuz i am the most unorganized person you will meet meaning my sleep schedule is non existant meaning I will procrastinate until...
  13. ThefriendlyFurry

    Hiring: I'm looking for a $20-$35 ref sheet

    I get paid Friday and am looking for someone to do 1 or 2 of my OCs one is text and one i actually have art for, so if you are good at Raptors and Protogens send me a DM as I'll be working.
  14. Dark Shadoan

    Hiring: Protogen - $5-40 / PayPal - Templates Available (Closed)

    Seeking an artist whom is willing to draw/edit a custom-design Protogen character, free-to-use templates available as a base to help with it! Willing to pay upwards to a maximum of 40 dollars USD for it!
  15. Mr-OwO

    Protogen eyes?

    I'm making a protogen character and have some questions about them. How do they see? Their eyes are just on the screen, so they can't see though those. But the protogen, of course, sees anyway. How does this work?
  16. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Will Trade OCs for Protogen OC

    Okay so I wanna get more art of my first Protogen, however there are some issues; Its a unique race for sonas but I have no money (rent and bills >~<), i also don't really know what i want and would appreciate an artist that wouldn't mind brainstorming with me despite this being a free request...
  17. Firio Zifirion

    Sketchbook: My sketch book!

    I have a grate idea! I'll post my sketches evry 1-3 days with one furry species on one page only! That means if I finish a page (on forum) I'll start drawing different species! Lets start! :3 Protogen because I know how to draw them pretty well! Edit: I'll post them on twitter because there is...
  18. Sealterbloind

    Finally finished my protogen's profile!

    I designed a protogen character of myself well over a month ago, but I found it really hard to write any info about her because I was trying too hard to include every aspect of myself into this one sona, but after browsing through the FA forums I realized that it's totally fine to have multiple...
  19. K

    Protogen fursuit

    So im new to all this, and decided to make a Protogen fursuit. I know im diving in head first with this. Ordered a kit and while ive been waiting for it, ive been trying to figure out how to fur it and make it. Has anyone else made a protgen from the kits, and if so, how did you fur it? I assume...
  20. N9ne-15_60d

    Protogen Questions?

    Hello internet peoples, Recently I've discovered about the Protogen species and have a few questions about it if anyone can help. I've read about the Primaproto anatomy page but theirs one part that i'm abit confused about, The horn part. What does it mean by "Only uncommon & Rare protogens...