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  1. Blu Dragoon

    Animated Protogen mask

    I was originally working on this mesh to be used in my friends game to troll around some of the clantards that play and think they're all that, but then decided to change stuff up and put a video texture over the mask, ears and hoses. Which would omit the mesh from being usable in Roblox, which...
  2. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Protogen fursuit?

    I want to make a protogen suit later on. I was wondering how to make the screen part on the head without the "tinted glass". I was thinking using black suede fabric on the screen and doing a normal foam base ( that fits my character ) And for the eyes getting some type of neon blue acrylic...
  3. TheEuphoricWolf

    Anthro Proto/Primogens?

    It'd be awesome to see more anthro protogens or primogens floating around. I mean yeah they're already sort of anthro already but what I mean is: anthro as in more human like in body shape. I think it'd be really cool to see how the original design's anatomy could be converted to that of a more...
  4. Madams

    3 OC’s (including art)

    For these characters I will be accepting PayPal only in the form of GBP. Starting bid for each character is £5, minimum increase £2. If you would like to see all the art for a character then PM me c: • Misty • - Includes 10 pieces of art, including ref and animated icon. - Current offer: -...