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  1. Rap Daniel

    Forum PS4 typing issue

    When I'm typing anything, whether a thread or conversation post, pressing square for backspace or trying to highlight text closes the PS4 on-screen keyboard. Edit: The keyboard closes also when pressing the "next line down" button
  2. KD142000

    Any PS4 gamers out there?

    At this time, most people are indoors and bored out of their trees, so I decided it would be a good time to ask if anyone is a PS4 gamer around here? I'm more than willing to make new friends on the platform and hopefully game with them. That's if I have the same game they do or I can share...
  3. Rap Daniel

    My PS4 thinks a game I got free with the console needs to be bought!

    When I got the PS4 for Christmas a few years back, it came with a code to download Star Wars Battlefront EA, and so I did. More recently, I had to backup, initialize and restore due to a recurring error that forced me to unplug the PS4, and since then, my PS4 thinks I have to buy Battlefront...
  4. Jackie_Attak

    Anyone play Ratchet and Clank?

    Hey there! I'm new here and have been wanting to meet some cool people! I wanted to ask if anyone has played Ratchet and Clank before! If you have, comment below your favorite game and character of the series!! If you ever want to discuss Ratchet and Clank or other games, or just chat/get...
  5. N

    Wanna Play? PS4 group

    Hey there. I'm trying to include gaming in my ongoing effort to be more social because frankly, It's fun to goof off with friends online. I hope this thread can bring jolly cooperation for many of you. So if you have a PS4 and want someone to play with, Post your PSN ID here and what you're...
  6. max-sutari

    Destiny 2 all furry clan recruitment (Pc/ps4)

    Hello one and all. My friends and I have a clan and we're looking to expand our member pool. We are all chill and laid back players looking for like minded furs to join us. If you're interested leave a comment below with your psn and/or blizzard username and we'll go from that point. Thank you...
  7. KushFox

    FF XIV Furs

    Are there any active users on here? I just started a new account and need some more people to roam. I wouldn't mind an already established company or anything.
  8. KushFox

    Twitch PS4 Streaming

    Hey, guys! Just letting you know that I will be streaming around 8pm (MTN - Arizona time) every night to every few nights! Come join this furtrash in streaming art and games! Come and give me something to talk about with you. No video for me, thanks, so make sure to interact with me by voice!
  9. Synpie

    Ps4 Destiny 2

    So I tend to play with my bf or cousin when they arent working but other than that i find myself wondering around kinda bored..I haven't raided in this game did in the first. Only played PVP during the crimson event..and i have a 25 warlock / hunter / titan and im trying to work on armor and...
  10. Macrofurry_Writer

    F1 2017 furry league

    So I know its ambitious but I am looking to get a furry league going on F1 2017. If you are a fast, clean racer then either let me know here, add me on PSN: Sobek_Godnile, or better yet, join the official Telegram room (if you are interested in that side then please PM me there...
  11. Wrought_Havoc

    PS3/PS4 Furs!

    Apparently the old Megathread for PS3/PS4 users was lost, (or at least, i can't seem to find it, or another one!), so i'm starting a new one! Be sure to: Post the games you play, your PSN ID, Platform, etc... I'm mainly looking for someone at least half-competent to play GTA V online with...
  12. Nixonia


    So! Anyone here excited for Fortnite? Anyone gonna get it on PS4? If so, shoot me a message! I'm super excited and will be getting it, and would love to build invincible turret bunkers with anyone interested! Also, if anyone wants any Battlefield, Warframe, Killing Floor 2, or anything else...
  13. Protoshy

    Destiny 2

    Ok, so I play Destiny. I've loved and hated this game since I bought it. I bought all the DLC, I completed its moments of triumphs, and bought the shirt. Now comes the time in my life when I have to make a decision; Do I buy the sequel? I unfortunately do not have much money to spend and I've...
  14. Xing Tian

    looking for GTA 5 furs!

    hello anyone reading this! This may be rather sudden but I'm looking for three to four good PS4 GTA furs who would like to join me every once and awhile as Associates who may want some in game cash :3 we can even do some heists too :3 if you have questions messege me here My PS4 name is...
  15. Impulse-8

    Questions about Skyrim: Enhanced Edition

    For anyone that has Skyrim: Enhanced Edition for the PS4 (Or Xbox One, that's fine), I have two questions: 1. Are the loading times better in the Enhanced Edition over the PS3/Xbox 360 versions? 2. Can you get these mods on it? Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) Sky UI Personalized Music Jaxonz...
  16. MGFerret

    The Division

    I just wanted to know if anyone is still playing, as I got it recently and have been trying to get into it (quite low lv atm). Does anyone wanna team up with me? I'm an experianced female gamer who plays casually (when i'm not working on art) and quite fancy playing somepoint this weekend...
  17. Pawniard

    Anyone here play Battlefield 1 on PS4?

    Just wondering if there's any peeps here up for a few games of Battlefield 1. Either PM me or respond here.
  18. Tsuki_Wulf

    PS4 Usernames list

    I noticed that the sticky that was meant to do this leads to a dead link, and have yet to find another list or anything like that, so I thought I would start it again my self. But was thinking we could also add the game types we enjoy playing the most, games we want in the near future, our...
  19. NerdyMunk

    Post your Gaming Channels V2.

    Last time I checked the page was last updated in 2014 and since the surge of new consoles and game recording features, it should be relevant more now - Nothing much on here, but I don't game much. Samples of stuff -
  20. G


    Any paragon players for PS4/PC (I play PS4, more stable)