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  1. Djarum1312

    Quick sketches of my crust punk owl character

    Did some quick sketches of my crusty owl character named djarum uwu
  2. Kunda

    Hq scene/punk dogs ufs

    Check them out on my fa New batch! They're 10$ each. Pp only ^^ all art by me♡ 1-open 2-open 3-open 4-open Crossposted
  3. Wizzy~

    Request: Drawing expressions for my character!

    Hello again, fellow furs~! ✨ Yesterday I made a request for my character Kubu that simply stated that I was open to receiving any SFW or NSFW art you could imagine for them, but I understand it can be hard to start putting paint on canvas (digital or traditional) without a more specific prompt...
  4. D

    SteamPunk and CyberPunk thread

    Punk in general is about standing up against a bad system, fighting bullies, and being yourself and not giving a damn what society thinks of you. In addition to that, there are subgenres of Punk, such as Steampunk and Cyberpunk, both with deep and rich communities, that express themselves...
  5. Evok Studios

    Furry Punk Commission

    Evok: Akie I made this commission weeks ago! I love the design, was a pleasure to draw her I have open commissions! I do semirealistic, anime and nsfw! ;D Others examples: NSFW: www.furaffinity.net: A gigantic lion with a thick cock by EvokStudio SFW: www.furaffinity.net: Hey, babe~ by...
  6. SunnyPoisonRabbit

    Free Art: LF: Cyborg/Robotic Like Anthro to feature in a Cyber Punk Drawing!

    Yup that's right, I don't got a character like this myself and I would like to add at least 1 cyborg/robot or similar! If you got one and you use FurAffinity (I have learned some folks in the forums do not, oddly enough!) Please comment with links to sfw refs or images to use as a ref! If you...
  7. SunChief

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [Open] [2/3] Feline girls adopt auction [ $5 , $30 , $65 ]

    ▼ Link for adoption ▼ www.furaffinity.net: Feline girls auction [Open] by SunChief
  8. Octopocalypse

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $35 F Snow leopard!Punk

    I have this cute Snow Leopard I'm selling: This character (unnamed) comes with back and paw refrence, a few details not shown here. You will get full quality version of this file, as well as a complete ref sheet to go with her. I can add any small details to the sheet once purchased: a name...
  9. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Punk Wolf Girl

    Hey all! I have a request for everyone; I'm looking for a punk wolf girl, I also have her description. A tall, cream colored female wolf with dark brown spots on her outer thighs, a cream underbelly with dark brown fur on her sides. Her face looks more mature than her actual age would suggest...
  10. witchynix

    (Other) Selling: Gone Batty - Soft Enamel Pins - $10

    Gone Batty! 2" Collectible Soft Enamel Pins Hey all! I had a good friend who is a part of the fur community recommend that I drop these in here. I've been working really hard on a KickStarter so that I can produce some enamel pins I designed. The KickStarter has about 40 days left, and I'm...
  11. ThiccPinkPunkGoddess

    PunK Bunnie Reference Sheet

    Rockin' it as always! How's it going my fellow furries? PinkPunK here and currently looking for something that I do think is highly needed. In order to show my (hopefully will grow) fans every bit of me, I'm going to need a reference sheet that details all of that. My budget is $80-125USD (I...
  12. Mike Nobody

    Hello, My name is Mike and I'm a furry

    That sort of felt like an Alcoholics Anonymous introduction. Anyway, I'm pretty new to the fandom. Of course, I've loved anthropomorphic animals since I was a kid, like almost EVERYONE else. Really, with the popularity of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, who doesn't? Zootopia is pretty popular...
  13. Spazzlez

    Looking Around for a Good Maker (Not Buying as of Yet)

    Hello, I am currently just browsing around, looking for prices and other necessary information on reliable fursuit makers. Beyond that, I'm looking for people that mostly do good with making a more punk/grunge look to their suits. I specify that as it is what my character is like and supposed...
  14. Mr Catnap

    Virtual cat band - The Catastrophes

    One of my main characters in my comics is a catgirl called Reeow. She is the lead singer and a guitarist in a band called The Catastrophes. As a spin off to the comics and art I did some real music for The Catastrophes as a virtual band. They have an EP out now which you can download from my...
  15. I

    Selling old fursona

    She has over 50 pieces of art that equal well over $100 Price: $70 If you would like proof of all her art she is registered on toyhouse and i can link it if requested. Rules: -you must take off her ring necklace -some of her art includes her mate, you do not get him with her -this is for...
  16. oprettyoppossum

    Could I get a little feedback on my fursona?

    This is my fursona Priscilla. She's my garbage trash eating baby. I'm starting a comic staring her and my bfs fursona and I was wondering if anyone has any feedback for my design for her so far.
  17. Valisha

    Urban Punk Tags For $15. (5 Slots Open)

    Some Urban, Punk, and Grunge tags for sale. They are different from the regular colorful one and adds a sense of graffiti and the life of the not so mainstream city. My style is to give light to it and make it more known. An example has been attached. I am willing to do both feral and anthro...
  18. G

    What is in your opinion "True punk"?

    I personally recognize such bands like Sonic Youth, Sex Pistols, Melt Banana, Intense Degree, Negative Fx, Stooges as "true" punks, even though some of their music is not even close to "punk", since it's about the attitude. P.S. "GG Allin is my hero!!"
  19. G

    Dudes and girls that like Sonic Youth, MBV, or similar band

    i need to find friends(
  20. Dreathen

    Howdy from a British Yeener ^//^

    Hello all! General boredom has brought me towards y'all, so I guess here I am posting random stuff and things! I'm so crappy with personal introductions, but some general things I would say is; I'm a tall thin punky spotted hyena thing I make awful music and flash based video games I'm pretty...