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  1. ArtGirl205

    Realistic puppy artwork

  2. Xitheon

    Puppy Cyclops, anyone?

    www.thesun.co.uk: dog nicknamed Kevin after the Minions cartoon character is born in Thailand It's sad but cute. I'm posting here because it could be used to inspire a fursona.
  3. Xitheon

    Narwhal the puppy!

    www.bbc.com: Narwhal: Puppy with extra tail on his head rescued I wonder if he can wag it? Cutie.❤️❤️❤️
  4. Vaeletta

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Kitten/Puppy YCH $15

    Message here or on FA if interested and I'll get started once payment and reference are received.
  5. Xitheon

    Oh look, I have a puppy!!

    I'm bringing him home next week!!!
  6. Sinclare Lovelace

    Sketchbook: Sinclare's Art Dump. (Some WIPs included)

    I know I tried making this sketchbook thread for a little while and it just....didn't work with editing, so I decided to try this again. Most of my work is human anatomy, but I have some okay anthro and other species as well as some bad ones under my belt, might as well share them all. Very...
  7. LexaWalker

    (Commission) Selling: $10 CAD Headshot Commissions!

    Hello everybody! I am offering little headshot commissions! 10 slots available! ♥ ♥ $10 CAD - Paypal only! ♥
  8. F1uffy.Chips

    Do you like Shiba Inu puppies?

    Hello!I have a character that is a Shiba Inu!Sadly I only have a written description but once I get a few pieces of art I might change this. His name is Luke.He is male.He is 10 weeks old and has a darker pallet like this babe.And the designs are similar to this babe He has a bit of hair...
  9. FinnthePup

    $7 PRIDE YCH {unlimited} & commissions!

    Closed because Pride Month is over :)
  10. ZooExorcist

    Blue Puppy Partial Suit (sale or trade)

    Looking to sell or trade my blue dog suit! Originally commissioned to be Weed from Ginga Densetsu Weed but can make for a simple akita/shibe/husky character! **** Info and more photos here; Sta.sh Uploads 491 **** LOOKING FOR; money offers (nothing under $400, that's half it's...
  11. Cloud-the-rat

    Pup and Grouch Feral YCH

    Hello friends! This cute puppy is annoying a grouchy older pack member Pup / char A Starting bid - $15 Autobuy - $50 Grouch / char B Starting bid - $15 Autobuy - $50 Both Starting bid - $25 Autobuy - $80 The piece will be in clean lined and in full colour with a simple gradient in the bg...
  12. Fertseshoy

    Four characters and adopt on sale!

    Hello everybody! :> I'm selling my characters and adopt: 1. Cute little puppy! 5$ on PayPal. After buying I will give you the reference in full size without the watermark. (Yes, it's my artwork!) 2. Red female dragon. 20$ on PayPal. She has 11 arts of good quality (reference too). I will...
  13. Dearg

    I made some Lapfox Fanart.

    Tell me what you think , www.furaffinity.net: Tomba The Puppy by FrizzyDearg I was going to draw anthro and then I thought nah, something a little different. So I drew it in puppy form because I like to draw regular animals sometimes . here is a link if you want to know more about this...
  14. NinjasHeart

    YCH for $10USD !

    Hello! Im new to FA and new to forums so I hope im doing this right! I have a sketch im quite fond of and I want to get some practice doing YCH's and getting my name out there. So im gonna sell this sketch as a fully colored/rendered YCH with a simple/no bg (havent decided). My prices wont...