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  1. FlowerHead

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) PWYW Emergency Pokemon Commissions

    Opening emergency pay-what-you-want pokemon sketch commissions because I‘m that desperate to be able to afford food. Due to mental health issues I‘m living off of government support until at least February and that money covers my rent and that‘s it. What‘s left over after rent is exactly 2,60€...
  2. Mov.exe

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Emergency PWYW B&W Headshot Sketches

    Recently there's been some sudden events going on with family, and I really need to start earning for myself and potential future events. I'm doing Rather Cheap Headshot Sketches of your characters (or maybe fanart of your favorite character). Interested in getting a regular Commission? Check...
  3. DrPepperAddict

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) emergency pay what you want commissions

    I have bills double dipping my bank and over drawing it while i am currently only making $20 a day if I even get to work that day at work. I am begging for anything at this point just so I can pay off my bank, none the less the credit card I have to stay afloat right now. Normally I have a price...
  4. cinsyrly

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW and Set price comms!

    Hi hello! :D I’m cinsyrly and this is my art: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cinsyrly/ From today until my birthday, October 8th, I am offering “pay what you want” commissions! For $5+, I will draw your character in colour. I will choose the colouring style myself (no shading; simple...
  5. cinnamocha

    (Commission) Selling: Feral & anthro ($5-40) PWYW Busts

    Hello, hello! I’ve got some commissions I’m offering uwu I can do ferals, anthros, pets, and even humanoids! I’ll do pinups, but no nsfw bits showing! You can order one here -> PaperDragonflies's Profile - Commiss.io V $5 PWYW BUST EXAMPLES V
  6. Dusky

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW Comissions $5 and up

    Hello, I go @forwarddivide! These are pay what you want commissions, minimum price $5. I do traditional, my digital art is done with Procreate. EXAMPLES: example 1 example 2 If you are interested please e-mail me at duskychat@gmail.com OR send me a PM with the following information...
  7. cinniamon

    PWYW Sale ($10 and up!)

    Hello all! I'm new to drawing more anthro characters, and wanted to get some practice in, so I'm doing a pay what you want sale! $10 or higher, you will get at least a fullbody sketch! All payment will be through paypal! Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Willing to...
  8. TheRabbitFollower


    Are my usual commissions too expensive? Still want some sick art from yours truly? First off, I'm flattered, but second, allow me to give you an exclusive offer! I've decided to start doing creative freedom commissions in-between my normal queue. This means you give me a character and a minimum...
  9. asthmacat

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency PWYW Commissions ($5 min.)

    I believe this is actually my first post on here but I'm trying to reach out to multiple places! Below is a journal I've posted on my FA page: "So I really hate to do this but my card was declined this morning and I have -$6 to my name and I’ve been waiting to hear back from job offers for...
  10. PrinceDoodles

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW Sketch streams with upgrades! $5-$25 min!

    Hi there! I'm doing Pay What You Want sketch streams, with options to upgrade to colors, lineart or backgrounds! I take orders through the $Cash App, through Paypal, or Ko-fi! Stream: princedoodle - Picarto Sketch: Pay What You Want Line Art Upgrade: +$5 Flat Color Upgrade: +$8 Flat...
  11. Zel_____

    $20 base, Pay-What-You-Want simple cell-shaded character drawings

    Hey all! I'm offering Pay What You Want (PWYW) simple, cell-shaded character drawings. Here's some examples: Minimum payment $25, otherwise it's pay what you want! You can comment here, note me on FA or ping me on Telegram to order. Thanks!
  12. CursedFire

    PWYW Commissions!

    I am in desperate need of a prosthetic, so to raise money, I'm doing Pay-What-You-Want commissions! Digital are $5+ Traditional are $7+ Ping me or message me with your offer and details about what you want, and we can figure out something that will work for the both of us. I'm currently...
  13. theodrekr

    PWYW comic slot auction, daddy draft adoptable, YCHs $5+

    PWYW comic slot for male equine: NSFW feral mare x anthro studs NSFW-https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8483470/ <--auction here at sb of $5 Draft adoptable: SB $50, was an alt design and background story for one of my characters-but I still really like his design. NSFW www.furaffinity.net...
  14. Neskers

    Commissions Open (Pay What You Think Its Worth!)

    Basically pay what you think my art is worth! To get replies faster, PM me on FA or DA. c: Min. at least $5 Samples More Samples at my FA & DA I Will Draw Furries Animals Chibi Pastel Characters <33333 Nudity Won't Draw Mecha Armor Very cluttered/Complicated characters Please let me...
  15. Gunny

    Pay What You Want Commissions! (Min 5 USD)

    Hello! I'm trying to make some cash over the course of the next two months for personal reasons, and am thus doing something a little different! A pay what you want commission page! So if you have any cash to spare, it would be greatly appreciated! You can contact me via this thread, PMs or...
  16. kittysins

    ♥ Kittysins' Commissions [$5+] [5/5 SLOTS] ♥

    Hello!! I'm opening up some commissions. These are pay what you want, and start at $5. The quality will depend on how much you pay (for example, $5 would be a lined bust, whereas $20 would be a fully shaded half body, ect) Examples; I am willing to draw; Humans Furries Canon characters or...
  17. Keyoto-TheFox

    Paypal Christmas Commissions - OPEN

    Hello! I am here to mention that starting Saturday this week(the 17th), I will be open for paypal commissions. These will include, but are not limited to; sketches, flatcolors, basic shaded, complex shaded, and flats(no lines, either no shading or simplistic shading). I will do headshots, busts...
  18. theodrekr

    Emergency Commissions- PWYW

    Doing an emergency pwyw sale MY GALLERY IS LARGELY NSFW Userpage of theodrekr -- Fur Affinity [dot] net The min. is $5 as per the Forum rules, Inking will likely not happen for price points under $20 due to time constraints unless you're looking for a lineart only. Msg. me on FA with your...
  19. T

    PWYW Traditional Commissions

    $5-$35 All will be colored! Human, anthro, feral, anything really! Female NSFW is ok, but no "adult" content. Price includes cost of shipping. $15 & over will receive a sketch before it is completed to ensure everything is ok. I will take around 5 of these. Username: Reference: Extra: (notes?)...
  20. Doomslayer-Dragon

    PWYW Commissions

    Because I have about zero idea of what my art is worth Dx I saw that the minimum here was $5 so we'll start there! You can find all my current furry related art (not a lot at all) on my profile! Doomslayer-Dragon (Userpage of doomslayer-dragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I also need to beef up...