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quality art

  1. C

    Hiring: ($150+) (TEMPORARILY CLOSED) Seeking superb male-centric artists for an NSFW commission (Full Body)

    Hi there. I have a character I use for role play that I need to commission artwork for. I will give details to anyone who PMs me, or sends me a note on my Furaffinity account, Tes95, but you are free to reply here if interested as well, I just discuss business privately. Basically, I am looking...
  2. SymSylveon

    (Commission) Selling: ❥ SymSym's Shop ◆ [N]SFW, Ref Sheets, and more! ◆ 30% off!

    'ello y'all!! ❤ I'm opening a lil shop over here for SFW and NSFW art, with a 30% discount of my usual prices to start!! My original prices can be found over here. If you'd like something NOT listed in this thread, refer to that page and we'll talk!! (non-furry art doesn't get the discount)...
  3. Mr.Wonderlust

    Free Art: Limited free commissions! Anthro, feral, sfw and nsfw!

    Hi there! I've been drawing since forever, and I finally decided to try my hand at anthro art. Unfortunately, my FA gallery is pretty empty right now. So.. what about giving me some help to enrich my portfolio? As stated in the title: free commissions! Throw your character(s) at me and...
  4. Wilarose

    HQ REALISTIC Digital Commission

    ✳Wilarose's HQ Commissions✳ ✩ Less than 5 day turnaround!✩ HumansAnthrosPets ━━━━━━━━▶✖◀━━━━━━━━ ☆I'm currently open for☆ HQ headshots for $30 - (7 slots) Takes 2 - 3 working hours to complete Usually done in one sitting Approximately 900 × 900 pixels HQ phone wallpaper for $40 (5 slots)...
  5. Nowlia

    SymSylveon's Commission Info

    Hello everyone ~ I'm Sym. I have commissions open now because there's a con I need to attend in November, and right now I can't do much more to save for it. Therefore, here goes: ____ Bumps are appreciated" Thank you very much!!
  6. Mespeth

    HQ YCH! Floral themed [25$]

    Hey everyone! I'm kind of a new fur on the community, and even If I'm confident on my art I'm having some problems getting people to know me so if you would like to give me an opportunity, comission me or follow me on my FurAffinity account! If you are interested answer here or email me at...
  7. thedinopharaoh

    Furry/Anthro/Human commissions! (From $5 to $100)!

    PRICES: INFO: COMMISSIONS: Current status: OPEN Please send me a NOTE! Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ICONS !!Animated or non-animated. Please specify which one!! -Paypal ONLY: miki.iksiks@gmail.com -Send me a NOTE so we can discuss the commission...
  8. amarula

    Quality art for cheap! (image heavy)

    Hello! I'm looking to take commissions for USD, and my pricing I hope is very affordable! This is going to be a simple thread, I've just joined and aren't too sure on the works. Here is my DA for contacting me and more/other examples: CourtneyNM on DeviantArt Examples: Lined and shaded...
  9. CyberMark

    Quality comissions Starting at 9$ (3 slots open)

    Here is the link to my website: mdsnandujar.wixsite.com: Marco Alfaro Freelance My FA Userpage of costaric -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My DA MarcoAlfaroArts on DeviantArt If interested please contact me via a note or reply here! :D Prices are FLEXIBLE! All commissions are sent via mail if so...
  10. E

    $10 comissions + $3 every character!

    I got a comission update, I'll be making 1 character for $10, 2 characters on the same picture for $13 and 3 for $16. Refs. www.furaffinity.net: Jackal by El-Gallo www.furaffinity.net: Jackal 2 comish by El-Gallo www.furaffinity.net: Layla la fenix by El-Gallo Please, do send me a note on FA...
  11. dakleigh

    $15-$40 Commissions SFW+NSFW

    DAKLEIGH COMMISSIONS If you're interested in anything that isn't already listed just let me know and I would be happy to give you an estimate! I'm only accepting money through Paypal, and will start the commission once payment has been received. ✦ Pricing ✦ • Sketches - $15 • Icons - $20 •...