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  1. M.Rockatansky

    Free Art: Celebrating My Comeback With Free Art // M.Rockatansky // OPEN

    W E L C O M E . T O . M Y . T H R E A D With the dawn of the new year I'm finally through with my degree and free to paint again! To celebrate that, to get back into art and to make a bit of promo as well I'd like to give out some free art :3 You can post your characters, I'll choose those who...
  2. DeisoriBug

    (selling) Icon commissions-limited slots available

    Hello, I'm Deisori and here I have 6 slots open for Icons! These are through PayPal Icons are only $6 flatcolor, $7 with shading, and $9 with a added background(shading included with BG), price may slightly rise for overly complex characters. Turnaround time usually takes 1-3 days depending on...
  3. JustAKat

    Commissions (Selling): HQ Badges Starting at $30USD *SALE*

    Hello, my name is Kat! I recently bought a art printer more specifically the Epson SC-900. My art has improved as well. So I am selling badges: Headshots- $30USD Halfbody-$45USD *SALE* Buy one get one 25% off. ALSO Retweet: to get an 5% off FIRST purchase. Free shipping within the USA...
  4. Nyashia

    (Commission) Selling: Affordable HQ commissions ($11-$58)

    Hi! I'm opening up some commission slots to the public after a very long time. I hope to get some more attention here than I do on the main website: furaffinity.net/user/nyashia I recently updated my price list: https://www.shukuamachweo.eu/files/prices_2020.pdf It's in EUR, but it's roughly the...
  5. Garnouille_Art

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Comics PORTRAITS for 20€-40€

    Hi, I'm a freelance illustrator currently available :) Here are some examples of portraits : Sketch : 20€ Line Art : 30€ Grayscale or flat colors : 35€ Colored work with shading : 40€ Feel free to contact me if interested!
  6. VX666

    What makes a high quality / professional fursuit?

    So I was watching a few videos on reviews that some customers made about suits they were disappointed with. They brought up a few points, mainly on the frailty of the hands/feet and poor visibility in the heads. So I googled around for a list of traits that make a suit good but couldn't find...
  7. Mydlas

    Commissions starting at 10$-90$ Great quality

    My prices My FA Page My DA Page I'm currently open for commissions. I've been drawing for a living since 3 years and I had a tiny hiatus and since then, I'd like to advertise my art on in here, to let you all know I exist! I can animate icons to draw in cool animated sketches, I...


    That's right. Now you can get your very own 3D art for FREE! No tricks! No hidden costs! All you need is an image of your character (or even a text description, I don't care) and you'll get a MASTERPIECE delivered to you SUPER FAST! Here's some examples!!! I would offer NSFW, but...
  9. E

    Quality comissions from $10 to $50

    Greetings! I'm willing to draw almost anything for the given prices. I offer quality, flexibility, speed and a good service. If interested check out my current prices list. User name: El-gallo FA: Userpage of El-Gallo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net This is how I work: The comissions are made in a...
  10. LadyLyreBird

    LadyLyreBird's Quality Commissions (Sale Slots Filled!)

    Hello! I am currently taking commissions for digital paintings Have a look at my general commission prices/examples here: Commission Info for ladylyrebird -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you have a special order, or see something in my gallery that isn't on the list, ask me about custom pricing...
  11. Darklunac

    Lunatic's commissions 5$ to 100$ CA$ (ref, icons, ych)

    I have new price lists! Even big commissions rarely take more than a week to be compleated. I send wips for the sketch with 36hr unless I'm extreamly busy Also, I'm starting to do fursuit parts! Badges are printed, laminated and shipped to you with a badge clip. an extra 3$ fee applies if...
  12. SquishySquishy

    SFW/NSFW (and freebies)

    The queue is now empty and all outstanding order filled. : ) SWF and NSFW slots available. First come, first served. >w< Please check out my FA account for NSFW examples and more details on commissions! Userpage of Squishysquishy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm currently open for: -Sketches...
  13. L

    Hiya Folks, Lawkie is OPEN for business!

    Hi guys! I am open for commissions all my prices can be seen here: Commission Info for Lawkie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am very interested in doing reference sheets and am currently offering either a free extra headshot or a free 'mature' version for this batch of commissions as an incentive...
  14. A

    Looking to Commission High Quality HeadShot

    Hello! I am looking to get a piece made and I have a budget of $20 for a HeadShot. It's pretty simple, just a pure white ermine (winter coat stoat) with ice blue eyes, and as far as the art style goes, all I ask is that it be high quality, and if possible, in the same soft style as Seth Iova. I...
  15. LadyFromEast

    Quality Traditional Commissions

    Media I work with regarding fine art commissions: Watercolours Soft Pastel Oil Pastel Pencil Colour Pencil Ink Sanguine, sepia What do I draw art on: Watercolour paper Canson paper sheets 120g/m2 Metallic paper Marble paper Sizes of paper I work with: ACEO size, A5 - A2 (please ask if you...