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  1. Fcomega121

    Art Trade: My queen cheetah needs art and I offer a trade :3 (OPEN, SFW only)

    hello! this is my first *trade post! this is Wynstar Wynn she's a queen cheetah, my second main fursona.. who has very few artworks, all of them aren't published and are wip designs, and I would like to trade art of her (sfw) because she deserves more art, I would like to see what people can...
  2. momodesugart

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: QUEEN BEE Adopt (sb $10/ ab $45)

    Hi guys! I just finished this Queen Bee adopt ☆ and I'm opening an auction for her!♡ Her size is 4000x4000pixels ^^ Sb:$10usd Mi:$3usd Ab:$45usd (PayPal only) Art by me (@momodesugart)
  3. Simpai

    Adoptable- Elegant Cat lady

    www.furaffinity.net: ADOPTABLE- Royal Cat by MapleSimArt -To bid, please visit the comments section in this link Info: -Paid in US dollars via paypal -Give me credit as original designer when needed (Basically don't tell people that you created it yourself lol) -You are free to make any changes...