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  1. TyraWadman

    Memorable Quest/Sidequest/Character(s)?

    [Disclaimer: I know this is the Writing subforum, I just figured since it's about collecting research and not just your average game discussion, I'd throw it in here. Staff can move it if they feel it does not belong though, that I don't mind!] As the title suggests, what was your favorite...
  2. Loganw314

    Oculus quest: VR chat

    I just got an oculus VR headset and while looking for furry-friendly/related games and while playing VR chat, I saw you can make your avatar a furry. Then I saw there was a whole server named "Furhub" soooooo I was wondering if anyone here plays that? Or has a VR headset? I ask because I...
  3. Impulse-8

    "Deltora Quest"

    Anyone here still remember the "Deltora Quest" books? This is the first fantasy book series I ever got into. I've recently finished re-reading them all since the last time I read them was over a decade ago. Took 2 years, but I did it. So far, most of the odd-numbered books are my favorites...
  4. Alyxsandre

    Any Inactive Flight Rising Beta/KickStarters Out There?

    Tryin' to become active on Furaffinity and this is the first thing I post x'D how shameless of me. Anyways, T'name's Nia, or Alyx! And I'm on a quest o - o (I hope I'm not breaking any rules doing this... right? Right? I hope x'D) I'm actually on the hunt for some of the kickstarter items and...