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question about art

  1. Glitter_Daddy

    Look for some feedback my work of first adult comic

    This will be my first adult comic and I know it still early but without text is the pages readable, can you guys some what understand what's going on? Thanks for your time.
  2. Trash_knot

    Finding the confidence to start commissions

    Hi guys, long time lurker getting back into the fandom and making art, and especially making some gay lewd stuff and having fun. At some point, I want to be able to offer commissions and make some spare cash doing something I enjoy. So a couple questions to my fellow artists. When and how did...
  3. Babybear_Di

    Help whith prising pls

    My friend whant to sell his art. And I agreed to help him with English. But when it comes to evaluation, I don't want to be biased: Each drawing takes 2-4 hours. How much money would you spend on such a drawing?
  4. LaughingFox

    Question for those of you who wear chokers etc

    The Peruvian beads I like to use are starting to come in a wider variety of sizes and styles and I’d like to start making chokers or short style necklaces with them. Such as this one www.furaffinity.net: Dark Wolf with Amethyst necklace by laughingfoxcreates What material do you prefer yours...
  5. AmberLupus

    Hi, I'd like some advice

    Hey, I'm AmberLupus (This is an individual username - I go by another name everywhere else) and I just joined a few days ago. Firstly, I'd like to ask what YCH is? I want to set up commissions and I keep seeing the phrase 'YCH' everywhere but no long-hand name of it or what it is. Secondly...
  6. U

    destruction fetish?

    www.furaffinity.net: A Coyju and a Car Collection [COMMISSION FOR XIPHER] by ScavengerFox www.furaffinity.net: SpaceRemmy Discovers Suburbia [GIFT FOR SPYKR] by ScavengerFox www.furaffinity.net: Assembly of Disassembly by Spykr (the first & third story in this one.) www.furaffinity.net: Rekka...
  7. IkeFanboy64

    My thoughts (and questions) on this whole drone thing

    It seems that in the past few months, I've been seeing a bunch of this drone art. Quite frankly, it's a hard "what the hell am I looking at!?", but yet I find it interesting from a scientific perspective. It's like watching a disturbing video. I don't know if it would be guilty pleasure or...
  8. SevenArms

    What do you do to improve your craft??

    I know the obvious response is "practice". But what kind of practice do you do?? You draw/paint every day? Make challenges? Seek for critique? Follow new tutorials? Go to art school? I'm doing 30min of digital paint almost every day to improve my skill with the tablet and so far it has work...
  9. Dan-the-Rafox


    does anyone have a way for transparent images to display right? I put up a work with that, but it gets a black background instead. why?
  10. Sunburst_Odell

    Question: Is It OK That I Don't Sketch?

    Yeah, I know this is probably a stupid question but I just want to ask Is it OK that I don't sketch before drawing the lineart? It's not that I'm lazy. I just can't find sketching useful. I have tried sketching before and it throws me off. I mean, I do use a circle to help me shape the heads...
  11. Bigbrownorc

    Posting Commissions

    So i've wondered. I've been doing some commissions now and feel divided on posting them on my own page. Personally i feel like i kinda shouldn't, mostly because the buyer paid for it. It his/hers now. I've kissed my baby goodbye and it's in their hands now. But on the otherhand i like to...
  12. Bigbrownorc

    Adoptables: scam or great chance?

    So i've noticed on the Fur Affinity homepage that some people just sell reskinned adoptables for 20 dollars each. I'm curious what your opinion is on this? Personally i think it's just preying on people who desparetly want a character. But hey...thats just me.
  13. Q

    Can Minors Draw Anything 18+?

    If you are under the age of 18, should you be able to distribute or create artworks depicting NSFW or mature scenes including nudity, kinks, etc.?
  14. Bigbrownorc

    Question about payment

    Heya, So it's been almost a year since i officially started drawing on FA. But everything since this day i've made has been free. I've given some thought to it and now really want to do some actual paid commissions. But i have one slight problem...I don't have a credit-card or a PayPal...
  15. theCRAZYshow

    I'm still a newb

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows about any good free painting tools :) Thanks.
  16. Mort3l

    What kind of YCH are you looking for?

    I was wondering what kind of YCH people were looking for? Being a YCH artist, I usually do smut and gore YCH but i was wondering what other kind of YCH do you guys like?
  17. Cestrum

    Adopts? Or Customs?

    To be honest, I'm sure many of us can go on and on about what BAD adopts are... But, what do you think makes a good adoptable character? To be more specific, what criteria do you use when purchasing a character design for money? Or, would you prefer to pay an artist and give a description...
  18. Ninjawolf160

    How do you market yourself and your art?? Is there any point in continuing in this field?

    Question to all commissioning, patreon using, adopt, base , basically any artist that is selling a product of some kind or a franchise that they made. How does one market themself to gain more clients and patrons? And please dont say use this forum cuz I am and so far nothing, nada, zilch. And...