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  1. Horatio Husky

    Question: Any good alternative furry forum websites?

    Looking for recommendations here, links preferred! <3
  2. W

    I have question about dakimakuras

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but still decided to put this here since I need help. Does anyone know where I can get dakimakura design printed and then sending it to me? I live in Finland so the printing company should be able to send product worldwide. And this is for me...
  3. Just_A_Tundra

    What is this called...?

    So, First, I don't know if this is the right section to put this... So, I have a character named Rosalie Coffon, and there are a few pics of her in my gallery. The thing is that I am having one heck of a time pinning down what her gender actually is. Heres the deal.... Rosalie was born with...
  4. Just_A_Tundra

    Is this term offensive?

    Hey all. So people have many words to describe many things. And yet, sometimes, words can hurt, as they can be offensive. There are also words that people have taken as compliments and good vibes. But there is one word that I've been a little curious about, and I would like to have someone...
  5. LecherySweet

    What got you to join the fandom?

    So what got you to be a furry? Was it a TV show? video game? random art work you saw online?
  6. LecherySweet

    When should one start a Patreon

    Hey everyone. I was wondering when should starting a patreon come into question? How big of a follow should you have before starting one? I have about 100 followers all together for example. Is that too small, or should I go ahead and think about launching one?
  7. Sodasats20

    What is artfight?

    I’ve been thinking of joining, but I don’t know how it works Can someone tell me please?
  8. SystemSearcher

    How to shill yourself?

    Just for clarification: I am not asking about the best ways to become popular. I've trudged through many a thread and discussion on that topic, and it is increasinly obvious that the only real way to do so is to just keep on trudging. No, my question is more specific: what is the best, least...
  9. B

    A question about pride

    So I'm straight but my fursona is gay. Is it wrong to celebrate pride month with a character that doesn't reflect your own sexuality? I made my 'sona gay since he's a different gender from me and I wanted him to still be attracted to the same sex as I am. I recently got art of him wearing a...
  10. Ramiel0912

    Outdated thread! Thanks for the replies~

    Hey everyone, i just finished my latest art piece and I was thinking about how much I could charge for something similar. I've drawn my entire life so I'm pretty confident about the quality of my work, but on the other hand, I'm relatively new to the community and I'm basically unknown, so...
  11. E

    What does putting something in scraps actually do?

    So I recently threw up a WIP type thing and I put it in Scraps because I didnt want to clog the frontpage or my gallery. My understanding of scraps was that they only appeared in your scrap folder and didn't appear in browse or search results at all. But and within a few minutes it had half a...
  12. E

    New member and artist with question about the tracing/copying policy

    Hi. So, I've recently been getting into furry art and was planning to upload some stuff to help get feedback on it since all my art knowledge is self taught and certainly isn't anthro focused... but I'm unsure if some of it actually falls within the acceptable use policy and was hoping someone...
  13. F

    What is this species's name?

    One of my favorite furry species is one I can't find the name of anywhere, so where better to ask than a forum. It's not a bird, but it has a beak. It has these big fluffy ears and massive eyes. It stands kinda like those bipedal centaurs, whatever they're called. With the backwards knees. Any...
  14. FeralFamiliar

    Black background when posting on Fur Affinity

    Hello! I hope this is the right place to ask this? If not I apologize! Whenever I upload some art onto Fur Affinity with a transparent background it puts a black background on there instead. Is there a way to prevent that from happening and just keep transparency?
  15. T

    Question about dakimakura designs

    So I am buying one dakimakura design from artist on Furaffinity and he hasn't never done one before. After I told what I was looking for he was okay with my idea. My only problem now is that I don't know where I could order it as custom design for dakimakura. It was for personal use only so I...
  16. S

    What could be considered the first Furry Webcomics?

    I'm writing a paper for personal reasons, and this isn't exactly a very well documented phenomenon, but I 100% believe there are a few users on here who have been furries since the 90s, so I thought I'd ask here first. My first thoughts were along the lines of Kevin and Kell or Freefall, but...
  17. M

    What would you like in the perfect +++?

    Gonna delete it soon, sorry for the inconvenience
  18. lazygout

    How do you take nice product photos?

    Hey all, I recently finished up a commission and I need assistance and advice when it comes to taking photos. This one is just a head. Any tips on composition, lighting, backgrounds, etc? I want to build up my portfolio properly and this is my first big step to doing that. TYIA (head in question)
  19. N

    What is the affinity with Yiff and Furry Adult Content?

    Now, I wont lie. I'm not a Furry, not a big fan of Furries either. In fact, I've got a disliking for them, but I'm not here to preach prejudice. My main interest is why do people in the Furry fandom find Yiff and adult furry content appealing? Only thing I can rationalise is that it's...
  20. Beepsi

    What is your favorite CoD Zombies Perk? (Aside from Juggernaut)

    You heard that right, I am curious on what is your favorite perk in the classical game mode of Cod Zombies. I am more looking at World at War and Black Ops 1-3 perks; as I am only familiar with them. But you fellow furry gamers (or other) are allowed to state your favorite perk from ANY CoD...