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  1. Aimlesswaves

    ToS Question

    I sent in a trouble ticket about the same thing, but I don't need any action taken, just an admin response really, so I figured I'd post here as well. I'm filing for the k1 visa, and one thing they request is sending the ToS of the site you met your fiance on, to make sure that it is not an...
  2. HarpyFeather

    What is the most expensive thing, that you want to get someday?

    I had an urge to start this post mostly due to my mind wandering, but I want to know what people's most expensive dream item, artwork, or piece of media is! Even if it isn't obtainable, like say something that hasn't been found in hundreds of years or a rare game cartridge! I really wanna hear...
  3. RuffTumbling

    What's coming in the mail?

    I'm just sitting here waiting for a very important package to arrive in my mail box today and thought of this thread topic. What is coming in the mail for you? Are you excited for it? Is it something cool? Tell me!
  4. RuffTumbling

    Your dream meal?

    We all are human so that means we LOVE to eat. We like all sort of foods of all different cultures. If you could eat a BIG meal of the food of your dreams, what would they be? Here is mine: a huge bowl of fancy Japanese meaty Pho soup with a side of giant crab legs (specifically Alaskan) that...
  5. F

    Question about genitalia (18+ i guess)

    I'm very confused when people hate on furry who draws animal genitalia and calling them zoophiles though the mentioned artists only draws anthro not even ferals. Is there really a problem in a furry community with people who draw animal genitalia on their oc? I mean even a simple dog penis is...
  6. mercuriel-art

    Animal Species with unique spines (not spikes)?

    Hey guys! I've been wanting to make a new sona in addition to my others that reflects me a bit more personally than usual. Because of this, I want to choose an animal that has something special about its spine. I don't mean spine as in spikes, but as in the vertebrae! The only two I've thought...
  7. Beepsi

    Question: How to RP?

    Yo, Lately I have had a sudden interest to maybe try to do RP, Roleplay, but I don't know where to go or to start. Yes there is the Discords, these forums, and many more, yet I'm honestly intimidated by of all this; not sure where to start. Also, I am not too much of a social internet lad; I...
  8. S


    Could someone give me the name of the artwork artist in the attachment
  9. Tyediedtoon

    Fursuit making help?

    I know how to do everything else including the hat, I'm just not sure what I should do for the eyes and hair. Could I get a few suggestions? For the eyes I was just thinking puting tight woven white buckram over where the eye sockets would be. (I don't really want to look out of the nose or...
  10. Dreammaker33

    What does your Fursona mean to you?

    Hi, I would like to know if your fursona has a special meaning to you or something similar like that. Please note, there is a minor error in one of the answers. (My fursona means a lot to me but very) Should say, My fursona means a lot to me and is very personal to me that I would not like to...
  11. Wolvinof

    (Sort-of Vent) Is it dumb to get angry at questions about your OC, no matter how simple and basic the OC is?

    (I'm going by the idea that the guy isn't on the forums. If he is and sees this, screw it, I don't care now.) So, I had an idea and did some art of an inflatable plane deflating. They were only meant to be a generic plane just so I could do a plane deflating, but a friend I was chatting with...
  12. DeadAccount

    Really Dumb Question About Banning

    Just a question- how come we can still see members that are banned in the members list? This is probably a no brainer- but I'm sorta curious ;w;
  13. Palybuddi

    Who is the oldest furry?

    Who is the oldest furry in the world? I've been researching this, but I can't find anything. I wonder if there is or were any 100 year old furries out there.
  14. WimexSeven

    Upholstery foam question

    So I need to make a cosplay and I'm going to use the method of making a fursuit to create it, but I'm looking around for rolls of upholstery foam(Australia btw) to make the base for it and there are is a bunch of different densities when it comes to it. What kind of density foam works best for...
  15. S

    realistic fire using fur?

    any ideas on how i could make realistic looking fire for this head? my first idea is using a fur like this but having the fur point upwards instead of down. my second idea is using colored wool roving but im afraid it will felt itself when washed/moved around. i could felt the roving into fire...
  16. MagnusLucra

    Considering Moving to a Small Town

    I've been living on the edge of big cities for the majority of my life and just dealing with a long commute. With 2020 being as disruptive as it was, my work has transitioned to be 100% remote. So I've been thinking of getting a piece of land, and moving out deep into the woods, and become more...
  17. S

    Main Site What do unread notes in my outbox mean?

    I click them but they still have the unread icon
  18. PrincessKon

    Kemono fursuit makers

    Hi everyone! I was wondering what makers are out there that make Kemono suits. The best example I can give of what I'd like is in the style of Eclair and Chiharu from TashiroYu on furafinity. I like the flat-ish faces along with the wigs! I don't have enough money now but I want to save up for...
  19. InfinityZ

    Any furs who have interests in fantasy/spiritual stuff?

    As the title suggests, i've been looking for people who have that kind of interests. Not only on RP, but like in general, as well as having characters with that kind of theme too. Would be nice to have someone to discuss about character/world making around that theme. Sci-fi stuff would also be...
  20. M

    Action and Horror in the community

    Alright so, I just gotta ask something. I used to be part of the fandom but left a while back, but I never thought to ask so I might as well now. Why is the such little content for Action, sci-fi and horror in the furry community in comparison to the amount of adult, slice of life, fantasy and...