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  1. Palybuddi

    Who is the oldest furry?

    Who is the oldest furry in the world? I've been researching this, but I can't find anything. I wonder if there is or were any 100 year old furries out there.
  2. WimexSeven

    Upholstery foam question

    So I need to make a cosplay and I'm going to use the method of making a fursuit to create it, but I'm looking around for rolls of upholstery foam(Australia btw) to make the base for it and there are is a bunch of different densities when it comes to it. What kind of density foam works best for...
  3. S

    realistic fire using fur?

    any ideas on how i could make realistic looking fire for this head? my first idea is using a fur like this but having the fur point upwards instead of down. my second idea is using colored wool roving but im afraid it will felt itself when washed/moved around. i could felt the roving into fire...
  4. MagnusLucra

    Considering Moving to a Small Town

    I've been living on the edge of big cities for the majority of my life and just dealing with a long commute. With 2020 being as disruptive as it was, my work has transitioned to be 100% remote. So I've been thinking of getting a piece of land, and moving out deep into the woods, and become more...
  5. S

    Main Site What do unread notes in my outbox mean?

    I click them but they still have the unread icon
  6. PrincessKon

    Kemono fursuit makers

    Hi everyone! I was wondering what makers are out there that make Kemono suits. The best example I can give of what I'd like is in the style of Eclair and Chiharu from TashiroYu on furafinity. I like the flat-ish faces along with the wigs! I don't have enough money now but I want to save up for...
  7. InfinityZ

    Any furs who have interests in fantasy/spiritual stuff?

    As the title suggests, i've been looking for people who have that kind of interests. Not only on RP, but like in general, as well as having characters with that kind of theme too. Would be nice to have someone to discuss about character/world making around that theme. Sci-fi stuff would also be...
  8. M

    Action and Horror in the community

    Alright so, I just gotta ask something. I used to be part of the fandom but left a while back, but I never thought to ask so I might as well now. Why is the such little content for Action, sci-fi and horror in the furry community in comparison to the amount of adult, slice of life, fantasy and...
  9. Janie

    Main site SFW/NSFW filter/switch revisions?

    Hello, Janie7 here. :) I'm a user of FurAffinity for now 6 years and I like all ameliorations bring in this website. However, there's a thing that I feel concern about for a while. I need to bring the FurAffinity Policies here because I am confuse to be started. I read every point about FA's...
  10. Sinamuna

    Question from a non-fursuiter: What got you into it?

    I've always found fursuits to be... unsavory and fairly creepy if I'm honest. I'm not a hater, nor would I bash anyone for doing it (especially if they're having fun and not harming themselves/others). But... it's always been one of those bizarre things I could never wrap my head around. In my...
  11. JustAlex1997

    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    I recently commented on a post where I revealed that Autumn the Squirrel is essentially just a name and face. In terms of personality and backstory, it's all virtually nonexistent. She only exists because you're supposed to have a fursona and because (yes, I'm biased) she's cute. Have you ever...
  12. JustAlex1997

    Bootleg Restaurants

    Has anyone here been to a bootleg restaurant before? If so, what was the experience like?
  13. JustAlex1997

    Simulated Reality Question

    Humanity has officially invented a perfect simulation of reality. The option is given to anyone interested in uploading their consciousness, and - with limitations - they're given influence over their lives. They can create a family that loves them, but they can also do things which causes that...
  14. JustAlex1997

    AMA (Ask Me Anything) - JustAlex1997

    Since there's a bit of a trend going on, I decided to jump in. Ask me whatever semi-PG question you'd like.
  15. JustAlex1997

    Death of Social Media?

    Yesterday, yet another "___IsOverParty" hashtag was trending on Twitter. Clicking on it (which I don't recommend doing) really hammered home how drunk with power these people are. With all of the smiling emojis and talk of hunting the person (and their followers) down wherever they go to report...
  16. Weirdo9018

    Does anyone know how to get over a deep period of loneliness

    Been alone all my life and was wondering if anyone has a good strategy to counteract the despairing feelings that come along with it.
  17. JustAlex1997

    Online Conduct and Employment

    I've always been told that employers are very strict about what their employees say/do online, and I've done my best to remain fairly PG (hell, I don't even swear that much online). However, few others seem to do the same. Short of saying/doing anything massively offensive, you seem to be fine...
  18. JustAlex1997

    Transgender Wisdom Request

    I recently posted to a thread regarding transgender users of the forum, but as it doesn't seem to be super active and I'd like to discuss something in private, I decided to make my own thread to request something. If you're transgender, your wisdom may help me figure something out. Please send...
  19. JustAlex1997

    Same-Sex Dating Question

    While I'm attracted to both men and women, I don't really have much experience with men. I've tried it, but it seems like everyone in my area is only interested in things besides dating. Considering my lack of experience, I don't want to jump into anything I haven't gotten comfortable with yet...
  20. PaintedMew

    I made an account just to get this question answered. (NSFW)

    This question is now answered. No further investigation is required. Ok so, i've been looking all over the internet for this specific text based choose your own adventure game, and i've resorted to this place for the answer. All I know of this game is that the host is green-blueish tinted cat...