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  1. SpiralingBats

    Furry Personalities

    Hello, You can call me Spiral, I'm new here, and it's wonderful to see other furs around. Anyways, I've been a furry for a while now, but I always wondered about these certain type of personalities. As in, furry. I want to see if anyone can get an idea, or see what you can think of. What kind...
  2. E

    FA Stories: What am I in for?

    I'm planning on finally posting some stories to FA in the future and I was curious what kinds of things my work would be bumping shoulders with. And while I could go through and read all of the writing submissions on the first page, that would take way more time than I'm willing to put in. and...
  3. wolvykasu

    I have a question about selling

    So, I really need to clean my folders since I have a lot of caracters that I don't draw neither rp with them (or even like them like before) so I started to sell them. Before somebody ask me this : «Do you have proofs that this is yours» ... how do I prove this ?! OAO I do a screen of my pile...
  4. Ciderfine

    Do you tag?

    I've been noticing a lot of people not tagging their works, I know that's a silly OCD thing to worry about but how can people find certain things if you don't bother to tag it properly or at all. I dunno, what's your take, yall bother to tag what you make or not? It is important to categorize...
  5. InfinityZ

    Are Animal Trainings Abusive?

    This topic might not sound so happy, but because i saw one of my friends at school watching a Japanese show on Youtube about training dogs, and i felt really bad for those dogs because i can see them looked obviously stressed out, being pulled and forced by the people violently for doing things...
  6. InfinityZ

    How Many Fursonas (Or Characters) Do You Have?

    It seems weird for me since i have about 10-20 characters, but i ended up using three of them as my main fursonas. Do some of you guys have more than 1 or 2 fursonas like me?
  7. Sunburst_Odell

    Non-Adult Furries, Or Am I The Only One?

    Not that I'm against it, but I always see older furries within the fandom so it got me wondering: are there many other furries my age? I'm fifteen years old, so I guess I'm kinda young? Anyone else a furry under the age of 18 or am I the only one?
  8. dragonnetstorm

    Question about advertisement on FA: how long should replies take?

    I've been wanting to advertise on FA for quite a while, and finally gobbled the courage together to do so, so sent an email to the official advertisement email adres. This was a week ago. Site mentions to leave at least 3 working days. I sent the banner itself in the mail, mentioned where it...
  9. Rocketeer Raccoon

    Would a romance between a Raccoon and a Snake work?

    Well I'm not sure how to ask this but you see I'm trying to write a story about my Rocketeer Raccoon story of a young slender raccoon called Rudy who gains a jet-pack to save the world and he also has a girlfriend called Sarah but she is a snake, the naga sort. Rudy - www.furaffinity.net...
  10. E

    Artists Prioritizing Adopts Over Commissions

    apologies if this is in the wrong forum. i wasn't sure where to put it. I'm not an artist and I don't commission things very often, so I wanted to get some other perspectives on a situation I've found myself in. I'm pretty irked by it, but it's entirely possible that I'm being unfair. So I...
  11. RemedyKun

    Fur20 Question time

    What does being a furry mean to you? Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  12. Okamio

    Favorite season/holiday?

    It's getting cold around here and I love it! PLEASE let there be more snow this winter (in Illinois), I want to go sledding and frolic in the snow! I LOVE WINTER. My favorite holiday... hmmm... that's a tricky one. I love the seasons (even though I'm agnostic I find "Christmas" more of a "giving...
  13. Haru Totetsu

    Concerning Selling Character Designs

    Hey I'm curious as to what the place to sell character designs through he FA forums is. Is it the Art Sales and Auctions or Art Exchange and Trades? I ask because I'm not an artist selling my tarde, just a guy trying to get rid of a character. Thanks.
  14. C

    What to do if artist doesn't respond

    Hey there! I participated in a YCH and had a piece done. I sent a note requesting a fix (I can't really consider it my character before that), but I haven't had a response at all. They do seem to be active on their account. Is there a better way to contact them through this site before trying to...
  15. Austin Silver

    Quick question

    I've noticed a separate image on some profiles labeled "profile ID," just wondering what that was for. Thanks!!
  16. Inkblooded

    How did you name your sona?

    I'm asking because mine is still unnamed, and it seems I can't find a name I like anywhere. I even made a contest for it on DeviantArt, but that didn't work out either. I guess I am just very picky :< So, how did you name your (fur)sona? Do you have any tips or suggestions I can try?
  17. Austin Silver


    Wow, I have no life.