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  1. Bigbrownorc

    Question about payment

    Heya, So it's been almost a year since i officially started drawing on FA. But everything since this day i've made has been free. I've given some thought to it and now really want to do some actual paid commissions. But i have one slight problem...I don't have a credit-card or a PayPal...
  2. TikTikKobold

    Adult Sonic Fanfiction Site Apropriate?

    I Have heard that there was some issue with sonoc the hedgehog fanart. As a writer of erotic literature, i want to know if adult sonic fanfiction is acceptable on this site or not?
  3. Narri

    A question for all furs. What is story?

    What do you define "story" as? A linear piece of writing? Fantasies come true?
  4. Angellothefox

    How do I upload a audio greater then 10Mbytes on FA?

    I have made a audio story but unfortunatly it is too long and I want to be able to upload it. Any suggestions on how to make it smaller or how to compress the MB but still retain all of the story in tact?
  5. Yoshivert

    Can a fursona be part of the Yoshis species?

    (sorry in advance for my bad english) Hello everybody ! I create this thread because I question me a lot recently about choosing my fursona ... As you can see, I decided to be a Yoshi and I love anthropomorphic animals and Furry art in general and I consider furry (Aka member of fandom furry)...
  6. SilveyDesigns

    Im new- question about adopts?

    Just posted my first one and wondered if there is any tips or tricks I should know? would share but I am not trying to advertise, just learn :3 she is a anthro wold/elf mix
  7. K

    New to FurAffinity

    I use the mobile website and I want to follow someone, but I cant seem to find a button to follow.
  8. rmt3589

    About art rating: Tanuki "Sack"

    So, i'm working on a pic for class, and am planning on positing it on fa once done. It contains a tanuki oc of mine in his true form, gorging himself on food. This tanuki's "sack" can be seen covering it's legs from under the table like a blanket, and is drawn with the same detail as typical...
  9. Aila Anne

    Commission Pricing Question

    Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to FA, and the furry community. I'm interested in doing art commissions of all kinds here, but I'm worried at seeing so many artists working for such low costs. I'd like to ask your opinions about my prices for commissions, and the quality of work I'm offering...
  10. theCRAZYshow


    Does anyone have any inspiration for a newbie writer and furry?
  11. theCRAZYshow

    I'm still a newb

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows about any good free painting tools :) Thanks.
  12. Beatle9

    What's your "Desert Island" Band?

    This is a question I heard in the movie Green Room, and I think it's a cool question. If you were on a deserted island, and could only bring one band/artist's entire discography with you, whose would it be? Mine's probably the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  13. M

    Qyestion about people watching you

    Hi there ^^ I was curious if there's any possible way to make it so certian accounts aren't counted as watching you? I specifically mean account that have been banned or deactivated or moved. Was just curious because I have a feeling alot of my watchers are probably non active accounts and I'd...
  14. Square-Wave_Kittycat

    What is the link between furry fandom and mlp?

    I've never seen this question asked by searching so I decided to ask this question myself. I've just been so confused by the amount of mlp and bronies in this fandom and on FA so I need answers!
  15. -PonPon-

    Interested in Critique

    I've never really written a story with anthro characters before so i wonder what the experts in this field think lol. wanted a more open place of discussion huhu www.furaffinity.net: Prolog: grand summons by -PonPon- ^^^^^^ pls attempt read
  16. Mort3l

    What kind of YCH are you looking for?

    I was wondering what kind of YCH people were looking for? Being a YCH artist, I usually do smut and gore YCH but i was wondering what other kind of YCH do you guys like?