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  1. VulKaal

    My boi

    What do you think of my boi? Just curious to see what everyone thinks. I need to get an image of him being nice or cute soon though. (P.S. sorry if formatting is trash :c
  2. MillerFurry

    Need a help

    Recently registered on Twitter but absolutely do not know what to post there... I could post my furry art but I do it for a long time and no one will be interested in sitting for a week or more waiting to see my work. What can I use Twitter for? :(
  3. DragonSam98

    How often do you recieve requests?

    Hi! New guy here. *waves awkwardly* I've only recently begun posting my art. It's not much, just a few posters I've thrown together in source filmmaker, like a dozen, and now I've gotten several people asking for requests. Is this normal? *edit* I should mention that I may have opened the...
  4. mutt-yuma

    What should I price my Art?

    I have no Idea what I should price my Art .. and I think I am under selling it right now
  5. F

    What is an adopt?

    I'm a noob to the professional terms in art, I finally learned what a commission is... someone care to explain adopting to me, in idiot terms?
  6. MillerFurry

    Hello guys!

    I'm new and I don't understand much here... I will be happy if you answer my questions! What are commissions and how do they work? Where can I distribute my arts? Why depend on the views on art of furaffinity?
  7. hansourwolf

    Question: about collaboration account

    Hello, guys! Im new here and I have a question. Maybe I didn’t see something in the 'Terms of Service' if this is so - just tell me about it :) Me and my wife want to create collaboration account on this service for two of us. Will it abuse the rules of the service? Well, sorry for my english XD
  8. Dieseldarkraven

    Content Filter.

    Something i've been wanting to know is. How old do you have to be to view General, Mature content. I know you have to be 18+ to view General, Mature, Adult content but I don't know the age to view General & Mature content I still have it set for general content only but I've been trying to find...
  9. Bluefiremark II

    Ask about characters!

    Hey all! I'm feelin like sharing some of the stories and characters i have, so i decided to make this. Basically, you can ask anything you want about any character. Whether its something like: do they like traveling Or, what is their backstory? Now, i don't have all characters shown here so you...
  10. Giana36

    How effective would most energy weapons be on dragons and sergals?

    How would they fare overall? Examples of such weapons: Discuss.
  11. N

    Open interest poll on app

    I decided to take my idea here I wanna make an app for people who commission and take commissions but notice that there isn't many that are decent they require a PC or a phone rarely both and the ones that do don't have the features we want or aren't available for our device So I wanna hear from...
  12. kaede_ishimora

    So, question.. Why advertise NSFW work under general audience?

    I may get roasted alive for asking this. However, I must know why this is a common occurrence as I basically just do not understand it. I am a pretty clean guy (more so these days) and my goal in life is to create works for children to enjoy. So I am a pretty prude fellow. Though with my time...
  13. DireWolfJ4

    (Solved) Name/watermarks???

    So i made some art that i was gonna post on furaffinity or on here and i was scared that if i didnt put my user or name or whatever on it, people could steal my work because well it has no ones name on it. Is a watermark or user/name really needed???
  14. CuteVixen

    Question about fursuit making

    Hiya I've been working on my first successful fursuit (the others failed cos I found the bucket method hard) and I was wondering where you guys get your buckram? I'm a British furry so I may not know the American stores well, and I pay in £ pounds. I did find buckram here but the thing is, the...
  15. Fauwcks

    Questions on Shinies

    I'm not familiar with forums so forgive me if this is the wrong place for this So, I have two questions regarding the Shinies tipping system on FA. 1. Are there any problems with paypal banning/suspending/etc. accounts because of the Shinies system? (I'm assuming these are rumors as I only...
  16. A

    Gender Poll

    Hey all! I'm still quite new here,and I thought this poll would give me some valuable insight into the fandom. If I need to change or add some options in the poll,please let me know!
  17. Mr-OwO

    Protogen eyes?

    I'm making a protogen character and have some questions about them. How do they see? Their eyes are just on the screen, so they can't see though those. But the protogen, of course, sees anyway. How does this work?
  18. SHuuN-Arts

    Is "your physical Items for my art" allowed?

    Is it allowed?? If yes wich forum should i tag this with?
  19. ZoeyKitten

    Favorite scary movie that isn’t horror?

    So having just watched San Andreas and being more terrified than when I watched many horror films I began wondering if other people/creatures/whatever you like to be called got scared by a non horror film before.
  20. ZoeyKitten

    Help meeting people

    so im mainly just posting this to ask where/how I can meet other furries in my area or even in general. Mainly online.