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  1. R

    How Long Have You Been Here For F.A?

    Welp, since I'm new here, I got one major question for all y'all here. How long have you been around here in Fur-Affinity? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Heck, even a decade?
  2. Aika the manokit

    Interspecies relationships

    If the world was populated by anthro animals, do you think interspecies relationships would be acceptable or would they be persecuted like homosexuals are in our world? PS: Im a straight, catholic man who supports gay rights and gay lives
  3. B

    Are contests using money ok and where do you put the like

    So I wanna hold a contest where artist create a sona (my conteœst will have somethings to follow like for example color, gender, race, theyem pluse
  4. h0tmilky

    Trying to get a partial suit

    I want to get a partial suit from a maker I found (Honey Bear fursuits) as a christmas gift but no one in my family knows I'm a furry. I feel like they'd find the whole thing strange considering they find a lot of my other interests such as collecting figurines from shows I watch as a waste of...
  5. NigelMorgan

    Multiplayer Game Suggestions

    Recently, me and two friends have hit a dilemma where we all play games, but we don't have any games that all of us like to play together. So, I was wondering if anyone had game suggestions that were similar to what I currently like. I'm a big fan of team-based action PvP games. Examples are...
  6. Le Chat Nécro

    Does New Mod App Apply to Forums?

    www.furaffinity.net: 10/9/2018 - Moderator Recruitment Open -- Fender's Journal Just a quick question for staff. Can we use this moderator recruitment app to apply for a forum mod position, or is this purely for the main site? Thanks!
  7. T

    Where should one post for these topics:

    I've got a couple topics of discussion I'm hoping to start (assuming they don't already exist), but am not too sure which area of the forum to post them under (or if I should be seeking out a different forum altogether). First, places for folks to suggest fanworks to specific franchises, such...
  8. Randalieren

    A Question: what are people looking for nowadays?

    So, I'm wondering what people are interested in commissioning nowadays or what's "in" currently. Ofc, this can be helpful for other commission artists who are trying to look for what people are interested in currently. ;w;
  9. F

    Any MGTOW furries?

    MGTOW: Men Going their Own Way (self-based ideology based on 'going your own way'. Generally when gathered together, give advice/ warnings, express what they beleive to be unfair to men in society, as well give criticism towards others) Just curious if they/ you exist in this fandom or ever...
  10. M

    Needing Advice

    Thought the years as a content creator producing art came natural for me and a large majority of you here I am sure, however 4 yeas ago when my art tools became "Unusable" I simply browsed the web reading Online Furrotica in the mean time comics from the great ones such as...
  11. Gravey D. Train

    If an artist could teach you something, what would it be?

    If you're an aspiring artist, or an artist looking for improvement, and you had the opportunity to be taught something from a professional artist, what would you want them to teach you and why?
  12. snizard

    Question :3

    I like breast expansion, breast growth, cum inflation, round butts. And you? What do you think?
  13. Zezel

    Where does your sona live?

    For me my sona lives in a simple house by a lake
  14. Zezel

    What your favorite environment?

    For myself I would have to go with deserts and mountains
  15. Z

    Trying to find original version of this picture posted by Nightmare-doom

    Nightmare-doom was an artist who used to post on FA, but I cannot find the original version of this picture since he had closed his account on the site. Is anyone able to locate this original image? The file name was "nightmare-doom_mugencheshirefa"
  16. Zezel

    Odd things

    Any odd things that have ever happend to you. By that I mean like any just odd things that you saw, heard, or had said to you? My oddest thing was I had this British guy follow me for around an hour trying to convince me that I had the accent of this one very specific place in the UK.
  17. inferno_the_dragon_wolf


    So I’m curious, and just from following people on FA alone, I’ve seen a mix, and I want some verbal thoughts on this: Do you make your character resemble you? For me it’s a mixed bag and only some aspects of my character will match me, like for Inferno, his only similarity to me is he’s hot...
  18. Ichthy

    How do you deal with art block?

    I have my ways of dealing with art block like just doing a few real-life sketches or drawing a personification of art block as a monster. I do have to say that I am curious about y'all! How do you deal with art block? Do you take the time to just relax or study the fundamentals of art? Are you...
  19. Pheanir

    How to deal with denying something

    I recently got my first couple of art requests, yay! However, I just had to deny a request due to it being reasonably (for me) against what I want to draw and what I am capable of in terms of "drawing skills". And I still get this feeling like it is a bad thing that I didn't provide the...
  20. Zezel

    Difference between pancakes and flapjacks

    Hey so just a quick question for those who wish to answer. Whats the difference between the two I've heard its buttermilk but other times i hear its a size thing? So if anyone wishs to clean this up thanks.