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  1. Dreammaker33

    What type of energy does your fursona give out?

    Melisa radiates soft clam unconditional love to other anthros near her.
  2. CasualBlue

    I have a question for experienced users (concerning commissions)

    So... I started posting art in my Fur Affinity page a few months ago, and a few weeks ago, I opened up for commissions. I have a small following, only 90 users, but I imagined that at least 1 of them would be intersted in buying a slot. My question is, why does nobody want to commission me? I...
  3. FluffyShutterbug

    Are Foxes The "Dumb Blondes" Of The Fandom?

    I remember in my early days of the fandom, before joining FA, I was an avid reader on WikiFur, and according to them, foxes are apparently the "dumb blonde" species. Is that really true? Do furs actually make Vixen Jokes instead of Blonde Jokes? owo
  4. Narri

    Here's the real question. Paws or Maws?

  5. Schneeauge

    Adoptable makers/buyers, I'm looking for your opinion

    Hi guys, I really hope this is the right place to ask your opinion and I would be very happy if you could answer me. :) The thing is, I often stumble over lovely adoptables that someone tries to sell. Unfortunately I can't buy them, but I would love to draw the character because... well, they...
  6. F.lee_art

    Does having a fursona make you a furry?

    It's something I've been curious to hear other people's opinions on, I personally have a sona, but don't understand much about the community. What makes you define yourself as a "furry"?
  7. ReeseCapeesh

    Easy place to upload quick drawings and sketches to share?

    Okay so I binge make art sometimes. Not finished art but cool lil sketches I make. I don’t know what kind of crowd likes unfinished art and doodles. But I love them and feel proud of them a lot. The problem is, I want to upload a lot at a time, maybe one by one or in groups, without having to...
  8. Ra'ara Su'nai

    New original species. (Feedback requested)

    So I've had an idea for a long time for a species of my own called Crystalline Astral Dragons (referred to simply as Astral Dragons from this point on). I've put a lot of thought into them, and though the lore behind them still needs some work, I believe I've got a solid base for a custom...
  9. yoshideki

    Why would one want to commission porn art with their fursona?

    So I've been thinking why would one want to commission porn art with their fursona, because practically it's making kind of a homeporn with yourself to be seen by a fair amount of peeps, considering that your fursona is an impersonation of you. Well I have some guesses: a) One gets an exclusive...
  10. B

    Who’s the most powerful movie demon in your opinion?

    There are no shortage of demons in movies. But which one is the most powerful in your eyes?
  11. Rap Daniel

    Have you ever gone trick-or-treating in your fursuit?

    I haven't, because I don't have a fursuit of Rap, nor am I looking to buy one. Maybe in some years.
  12. Skittlesthehusky

    Should young artists of the age of consent be allowed to draw NSFW and post without consequence?

    So this is a discussion that a Discord server and I have been having a discussion on for a while, and it honestly made me curious to see what you guys think. Before going further into this topic, I'd like to quickly make a disclaimer. All opinions are open, but please do not attack others for...
  13. awildmoosey

    Who was your first ever fursona?

    I'm interested in hearing from you guys about the first (furst) fursona you ever had! How old were you, what did they look like, what species were they? Link to a pic if you can!
  14. thelivingtrashcan

    Main Site How do groups work??

    I haven't really participated in FA outside of just posting art, and I've mostly been using deviantart/reddit, so the way FA handles groups is confusing for me. i just have a few questions regarding them how do i join one? can i even join one?? what does it mean to be in a group? what do groups...
  15. xremeidiot

    Dumb Jeopardy

    In this game, you start by giving your answer, and the poster after you asks a question to match it. No editing your posts to save face, this is for comedy! Answer: Ninety-seven.
  16. M

    How much is too much?

    Hello all, I'm still slowly but surely designing my fursona species, but I'm curious to know what number of features are too much. (Color, scale/fur patterns, horns, fins, fur, etc.) Just don't want to add too much and/or regret leaving something out going forward.
  17. N9ne-15_60d

    Protogen Questions?

    Hello internet peoples, Recently I've discovered about the Protogen species and have a few questions about it if anyone can help. I've read about the Primaproto anatomy page but theirs one part that i'm abit confused about, The horn part. What does it mean by "Only uncommon & Rare protogens...
  18. skeletonizedskull

    What's easier to make: 2D or 3D art?

    As someone who draws constantly and models various characters, environments, etc., I find both types of art to be in rather similar fields of difficulties [There are exceptions to this, of course, like what I could actually make in 3D vs what I can draw];the main difference [for me] between 2D...
  19. rustyx3

    what are y'alls thoughts on people posting human art to FA? :0c

    i've seen some really talented human art posted on Furaffinity, but i was just curious on if that's looked down apon here or is it accepted. sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, i was just wondering >w>
  20. Bluefiremark II

    Kinda late but hey.

    I've been here for a little while and have done stuff already, so this is a bit late and all but i decided to make a hello anyway. So hello! I'm BluefiremarkII or Blue. A little about me- I've been "furry" for quite awhile now.. several years that i haven't kept count of. OCs? Yeah I've got...