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  1. inferno_the_dragon_wolf


    So I’m curious, and just from following people on FA alone, I’ve seen a mix, and I want some verbal thoughts on this: Do you make your character resemble you? For me it’s a mixed bag and only some aspects of my character will match me, like for Inferno, his only similarity to me is he’s hot...
  2. Ichthy

    How do you deal with art block?

    I have my ways of dealing with art block like just doing a few real-life sketches or drawing a personification of art block as a monster. I do have to say that I am curious about y'all! How do you deal with art block? Do you take the time to just relax or study the fundamentals of art? Are you...
  3. Pheanir

    How to deal with denying something

    I recently got my first couple of art requests, yay! However, I just had to deny a request due to it being reasonably (for me) against what I want to draw and what I am capable of in terms of "drawing skills". And I still get this feeling like it is a bad thing that I didn't provide the...
  4. Zezel

    Difference between pancakes and flapjacks

    Hey so just a quick question for those who wish to answer. Whats the difference between the two I've heard its buttermilk but other times i hear its a size thing? So if anyone wishs to clean this up thanks.
  5. KyooTea

    Uncommon/Mythological Sonas?

    Hiya! New to the fandom. I was wondering what uncommon species you have or have heard of? Hybrids work, but I'm more looking for animals that already exist in nature (although nature would be SO much cooler if our hybrids did exist.) I ask because I'm a Wolpertinger myself (made a slight...
  6. B

    Video game close-calls

    i remember I was playing “Killing Floor 2” and this final boss had me pinned against the corner. My health recharge couldn’t be used, I couldn’t moved, and this boss was dishing out the damage. Yet I had my microwave gun and kept the “fire” button on. It was a race to see who would run out of...
  7. Pheanir

    Is feedback by a layman important?

    Something I noticed about feedback while browsing different websites (not only on FA): It seems like when somebody who isn't a professional criticizes somebody else's work on a constructive level it gets rejected - especially if the criticism targets somebody who actually is a professional...
  8. CapralCapers

    What inspired your fursona?

    Mine would be the fact that I love Fluorite crystals, and hyenas, and goats. Simple really! Oh and bushy hair on furs is so cute! What about yours?
  9. Ichthy

    Difficulties with my fursona

    My mind is constantly changing things and that includes my fursona's design. It is either a slight change or big change and my fursona changes in design every week or so. Does anyone have any tips on how to solve this? I want to stop making changes all the time to my fursona or at least keep the...
  10. SevenArms

    What do you do to improve your craft??

    I know the obvious response is "practice". But what kind of practice do you do?? You draw/paint every day? Make challenges? Seek for critique? Follow new tutorials? Go to art school? I'm doing 30min of digital paint almost every day to improve my skill with the tablet and so far it has work...
  11. Wynst Draws

    Do people actively look at the new fiction posted?

    I would like to write some and post it but I don't know if people would actually see and/or read it or not. I'm not looking to become popular or anything but knowing someone besides myself read it and maybe even left a comment would be nice. I can do visual art as well it just takes more time...
  12. SonieTheDog

    Can anyone recommend me some good music?

    I don't have enough to listen to. I'll listen to anything that isn't metal or country, but here's my current playlist if you want it Boredom cure songs - YouTube
  13. silicahowl

    quad? (curious/academic)

    this is mostly academic, but has anyone ever attempted (and pulled off) a really good quad fursuit? i imagine it would be huge, probably, but it could be a lot of fun, if you had the funds. i was looking at those robotic digitigrade legs lets you can get a while ago and they seem like maybe a...
  14. Narri

    What is a Nazi? At least in regards to the fandom?

    I keep seeing the phrase “They are Nazi’s / You’re a Nazi being thrown around quite a lot but what does it mean? It could just be me being oblivious (which may be likely) all I’ve ever know Nazi’s as was (Google Definition) “A member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.” I've never...
  15. Umai Kitsune

    The Weirdest Question Ever

    Okay, I know this will likely cause some hell ,but I haven't been in the community very long and I'm genuinely curious about the topic of ferals and art in the community . I know it's not uncommon for some people to have feral forms or feral personas and stuff like that ,and I also know there...
  16. Umai Kitsune

    What's a good way to promote your commissions/adopts on FA without using ads?

    Hello ! I'm new to FA still and being a commission artist in general , and recently started making my own bases and such ,but I still don't know where/how to network my wares without spending money on ads ,which I can't do simply because I need the money for other reasons so I can't afford to...
  17. G

    Do you RP?

    Out of curiosity, how many of you actually RP? I think we can all agree that RP is a huge part of the fandom, and a lot of furries do it. So how many of you do?
  18. G

    I’m a little conflicted

    heh so I don’t make these threads a lot (ever), but it’s late, I’m pondering, and just want to talk a bit :P So a situation has recently just occured, and because of it, my life is going to change drastically. Now, I’m left feeling a bit... conflicted I guess? More so, on how to feel about it...
  19. Ciderfine

    Salt an tar

    Anyone a fan of Kombucha or are yall like "this shit is the devil drink"
  20. I

    Ask This Stupid Dragon Anything

    And I will utilize the best of my pathetically low IQ to give you a satisfactory response. There are no refunds however.