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  1. TikTikKobold

    Getting One's Writing "Out There" on the Net Amidst a Sea of Illustrators

    Hey there. I write a rather niche topic. That is to say, I am a writer of erotic fiction, mostly centered around a small pink kobold girl learning about magic, love, and sex. I love writing my stories, but I can't help but feel that the genre in which I write is much more suited to something...
  2. tato

    Question About Usernames

    Hey! So I was wondering, if you disable an account, does that make the username available to be registered again? The reason being, I want to register for a username related to my branding, only to find that I used that I already registered with that username before but with an underscore and I...
  3. Sunburst_Odell

    RP Idea- Hidden, A Secret Society RP

    EDIT: I created the roleplay server. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers I've had this idea in my head for a while now, but was debating whether it'd be worth it to create. It's kinda based off of a book idea I had but with, obviously, some furry-ness sprinkled in. So... it'd be...
  4. SevenArms

    Anyone have a review for the Picarto Premium account?

    I would like to know if anyone have any opinion of the Premium account on Picarto. I'm streaming 4 days per week, and I was wondering if it's worth it to pay for an upgrade. Any opinions on it? Good? Bad? Meh?
  5. Sunburst_Odell

    Noticed Something

    You know how people on the main site post submissions that say they're streaming? Has anyone else noticed that they are always NSFW streams? I have nothing against people being into yiff, but surely people don't only watch streams just to see their character in lewd situations and nothing...
  6. Whollyhowl

    Fursona; Do they look like you?

    I was discussing with a friend the other day about Fursona's and their creators and we ended on a very interesting question. How many people in the Furry community have designed their sona's to look like them? Why design your Fursona to look different from you? So, I'm all curious now and I...
  7. charlesgray

    Worst traveling experience?

    I just got back from being on vacation and the last 24 hours were horrible because I got the flu which made the 4 hour plane ride hell. So I was wondering about other people’s bad traveling experiences?
  8. Le Chat Nécro

    explain discord to me like i'm 5

    i've seen a lot of posts about discord on here and i have no idea what it is. okay. i have some idea of what it is, but i have never used it before and i'm confused as to why it is so popular. so explain it to me please and thank you.
  9. B

    Profile Question

    I tried posting on "Main Site and Forum Support," but I didn't have the privilege to do so. Maybe I had to post in introductions or something. ANYWAYS, I hope this section of the forums can work. Is it possible to post a gif under the "Profile Information" section on your profile using [ i m g...
  10. Le Chat Nécro

    Not Getting Lost in the Crowd

    so i have a character that i really like but i'm worried that her design is going to end up getting lost in the crowd among everyone else. i'll post more about her later, but the short version is that she's a white cat with yellow eyes, white hair, and a small build. as of now, she doesn't have...
  11. Rumby

    Questions about Multiple Character YCH auctions

    Hey guys! Just a quick few questions... that probably you guys can help me with >.<" I've been browsing the YCH category of FA and see occasional YCH auctions like these www.furaffinity.net: YCH [OPEN] by Tom_Ree & www.furaffinity.net: Safe and sound YCH SB is $1 by Moxaji The slots are for...
  12. G

    Ginza's AMA

    *hops on bandwagon* So I was bored, and figured I'd join this trend. So.. ask me anything, I guess?
  13. Katergaris

    [Discussion] What is it you look for in novels/comics/books

    I've wondered what others view are on this... What is it to you that differentiates the "meh" from the "wow!" I've always been a sucker for a character you can relate to, or at least one that I can empathize or attempt to understand! Of course the art and structure are rather important as well...
  14. Bluekittie

    question about the art sales forum..

    I saw that it said had to be $5 or more... but what if u plan to sell stuffs for less than? ex: headshots for 3 USD also if this is the wrong place to ask this let me know kinda new here ^.^'
  15. TikTikKobold

    What Should a Short Story Writer Offer on Patreon?

    Hello, everyone. I've been writing short stories/chapters for about a year now, and I've gotten a small following of fans and commissioners. I figure I want to expand my writing by offering up a means to pay for my work through Patreon. While I'm writing up a pitch for it, I am wondering what...
  16. Ciderfine

    A button

    If you could splice peoples Oc's on here to have monster traits would you? Imagine a world with monsters but they are kind of anthro. Yah or niegh?
  17. V

    Hello everyone what do you think of this site for getting commissions ?

    the site i'm talking about is artistsnclients.com: Commission art with less risk - the one art commissions marketplace - Artists&Clients is it good ? i'm having some problems on deciding if i should use it, because i have a paypal account and this site basically first collects your money on the...
  18. dogryme6

    A Simple Question about Teen Titans.

    We all know how polarizing Teen Titans Go is. It's mindless humor with just about every kind of crappy joke thrown into it, and it's utterly shameless in its own representation. But we all already know this. Some like it, many hate it, and I feel neutral about the whole thing. What I don't like...
  19. Z


  20. SpiralingBats

    List of furrys

    now we all know we see foxes, dragons, wolves everyday in the fandom, but what are some interesting fursonas, is anyone a interesting animal? I've seen spiders and bats, so that's off the list, but that is still interesting so I could count it as well. I'm wondering any weasels? Any Raccoons...