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questions for furries

  1. Okapij Johnstonio

    Curious Observer Here: What is the Furry Fandom? [CLOSED]

    Hello, everyone! So right now, I am enrolled in this cultural anthropology course at the College of Charleston. As a part of this large project, I have to observe and interview any group in which I am unfamiliar with. I decided to take a look at the Furry Fandom, because while I have had...
  2. F.lee_art

    Does having a fursona make you a furry?

    It's something I've been curious to hear other people's opinions on, I personally have a sona, but don't understand much about the community. What makes you define yourself as a "furry"?
  3. CommonBard

    So I'm new. What does it mean to be a furry?

    Through the black hole that is YouTube, I found the furry community about a month ago. Everything about it really resonated with me. I enjoy the idea of making a fursona, using an animal like appearance to perhaps represent a side of myself that I don't get to share or are too afraid to show...
  4. D

    So.. Am I a furry?

    Okay so this is a throwaway because I wanted to just get something clear, I enjoy creating OC’s i love making my own characters however they’re not me or represent me in any way, they’re a seperate character from myself, detached, i have multiple “”furry”” or “”anthro”” ocs, i don’t really care...
  5. Orana


    So I'd just like some opinions on my recent dilemna... I've proudly stuck by my sona for a couple years, on and off (I don't RP all the time), but the main reason I was happy with the Bakeneko/Nekomata sona I chose, was because it fit well into a long-standing RP group I was a part of. Now...
  6. T

    What am i?

    Hello, i just signed up for this site and i wanted to ask a question, because i don’t know if i’m a furry or something else. So in the summer, i started finding furry characters hot and i started looking more into it. Then i started thinking about it, and i started asking myself, “am i a...
  7. Bigbrownorc

    Question about payment

    Heya, So it's been almost a year since i officially started drawing on FA. But everything since this day i've made has been free. I've given some thought to it and now really want to do some actual paid commissions. But i have one slight problem...I don't have a credit-card or a PayPal...
  8. CoolCoolSkies

    Furry Swag

    So I plan on getting into making custom shirts and lanyards and things of that sort, mainly for cosplay and fandom things, but I was like "Hey I wonder if any furries would be interested in that" I understand not everyone is okay with being so public about it, what with people being buckets of...
  9. Jayy-Dog

    (you) What got you into the furry fandom and why?

    Personally I got into it by all the art and how-- variable it can be drawn. The pure mixture of style and design compliments it. I am an aspiring animator hoping to reach Vivziepop's level and that alone inspired me into drawing more and more hoping to reach full potential! Now, as the title...
  10. OpticFurry

    Nsfw artist Vs. Everyone

    so it has come to my attention that FurAffinity isn't really big on adult art works.. but there is countless artist on this form and website who creating amazing art that gets little kids all riled up . My question on the issue of not safe for work is.. What the fuck is the big deal? just...
  11. Psy-mon

    Subscription Boxes?

    Hey everyone! My friend and I are thinking of starting a business; we're planning on making subscription boxes for furries! We're planning on doing this every second or third month so we can have high quality items. For those wondering, a subscription box is a service that you subscribe to to...
  12. SevenArms

    Anthro vs Furry??

    Hi everyone! I don’t know if there’s a thread about this already, but I have this doubt and I want to see the opinion of the rest of the world. Recently I have seen a lot of discussions of people complaining that his/her character is an anthro not a furry. Is there’s a difference? It really...
  13. Half

    Is there a way to break the news?

    I've had a few good friends who, until recently, would make jokes about the fandom all the time and generally make fun of it. I stopped adding to them, so they faded, but I'm not sure they hold it in favorable mind... Is there a way I could tell them without them thinking their...
  14. Half

    I am new, and have questions...

    Well. Huh. I never thought I'd find myself writing this. I'm, um, well. New here. I quite like the dynamics and creativity of the fandom as I've seen them so far. I've enjoyed the writing in particular. The art is fantastic where I've seen it, and, well, I've generally had a good time. It's...
  15. Vince_Werewolf

    Contol of "roleplaying"?

    Greetings: I tend to roleplay a lot, and it always mixes with my real situation (to the point where I just act "me"). And I'm starting to get self-concious when roleplaying so. Should I be? If so, how should I level my roleplay? Thanks in advance, you all.
  16. Mora The Epic

    Furry React !

    What's you're personal opinion on Furry React YouTube videos ?
  17. S

    New To All Things Furry <3

    I'm really new to all things that go on in the furry fandom, and I just have a few questions/would like to hear what you have to say! I've been to Furry Weekend Atlanta two years in a row, just for a day each time, and I really loved it! I think all of the suits are beautiful, and after the...