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  1. Sinamuna

    Sin's AMA Thread

    Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well! I've been wanting to host an AMA for a while now, but everytime I've done it in the past, I don't get much feedback. I'm hoping this thread might gain a bit of attention, at least! I'd love to answer your questions and open myself up to more possible...
  2. KD142000

    Critique: Critique my comic

    Hello, all. With current events in the media concerning the riots in the US and the All Cops Are Bad posts on social media, I'm worried that my comic, which features police officers as main characters will reflect badly on me. Please be aware that the plot does contain rioting, but not for the...
  3. F

    Furry Feud

    Simplifying the rules: I'll ask a question, the next person gives a answer (like family feud except for the next rule) then proceeds to ask a question for the next user. Let's get creative! I'll start... Fill in the blank: We asked 100 married men If I caught my wife cheating, I would __________.
  4. Fentanyl

    Serious Questions

    There are probably a bajillion variants of this game but I have not seen one with this exact idea in mind and so I have decided to propose a game idea: a serious question game. Premise: you should think about a difficult, complicated, or challenging question to ask the user below you. The...
  5. CuteVixen

    Question about fursuit making

    Hiya I've been working on my first successful fursuit (the others failed cos I found the bucket method hard) and I was wondering where you guys get your buckram? I'm a British furry so I may not know the American stores well, and I pay in £ pounds. I did find buckram here but the thing is, the...
  6. ClumsyWitch

    (Not quite) 20 Questions to your fursona

    I feel like it's easy to struggle with the creation of a character. Where to begin and where to end? What things to add and what to avoid? There's probably dozens of better written, more thought out characters out there, how can I ever fit into this? Back then, I once picked these questions up...
  7. W

    Fur Affinity, I need you!

    Hello, Fur Affinity, Since I've been very young I've always been highly interested in exploring other cultures and ways people interact with each other. I've always wanted to do a deep dive into the furry fandom, and I've decided to start that today! I'm going to be asking a few simple questions...
  8. N

    A few fursuit-making questions (first time making)

    Hello! I'm currently working on a fursuit (actually one I started making in 2016 but just held off on working on for a while) and it is my first time making one. I'm planning on probably leaving it as just a partial (the character its based on wears clothes anyway). Currently I've been sewing...
  9. driftingdragon


    Greetings everyone~ It's Drift coming at you with my most favorite questions. These are merely ice breakers, just because I personally would like to get to know everyone a little better. 1) How long have you been in the fandom? And has that impacted your view on furries? 2) What kinds of legs...
  10. Maffi

    [Q] Who is the artist of this?

    Hellooo :D please, i am new to the forums and i apologize if i posted on the wrong board. u_u I am trying to find the artist who did this Telegram Sticker pack called Candy Hearted example of the stickers: I am trying to get in touch with them to let them know how much i love this...
  11. Guifrog

    AMA (mimicking edition)

    Ask a question as if someone else was asking it to you. The person below has to answer it in your place, based on what they think you (or your sona) would say; they may also mimic your behavior for added effect! It's alright if you don't know the user above you - the avatar alone, or even the...
  12. MyCrimsonDahlia

    Different Art

    So I know that the art is here is mainly furry art but I make a lots of other art as well and I was wondering if people post other things here or if it was just furry art? I'm good either way but I was just wondering!
  13. D

    So.. Am I a furry?

    Okay so this is a throwaway because I wanted to just get something clear, I enjoy creating OC’s i love making my own characters however they’re not me or represent me in any way, they’re a seperate character from myself, detached, i have multiple “”furry”” or “”anthro”” ocs, i don’t really care...
  14. Gem-Wolf

    The Person Above You / The Person Below You

    This game asks you to interact on a more personal level with forum members. There are limitless things that you can ask/tell about the person below or above you. (just keep it within forum rules please) • The Person Above You - Tell the group something you admire about the person above you...
  15. Rant

    Do ya like 'em Hard or Soft?

    Tacos I mean ;) I'm so bored....
  16. M

    Questions about YCH

    I just have a few questions I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. I want to start selling on FA, I was hoping I could start a YCH thing. I'm fairly new to FA and I was hoping I could get started in selling some art, which I have never done before. So, I was wondering how I could...
  17. frizzled

    Commission posts waiting mod approval?

    Hi, I've posted in the commissions forum twice now but it looks like my posts are waiting mod approval? They're both SFW posts, nothing out of the ordinary. Not quite sure what I need to do, if anything. Thanks Frizzled
  18. M

    The Question Game

    Ask a question about any topic, and answer the question of the last poster. I’ll begin: Why are there sweet and savory foods, but you can savor a sweet food, yet you can’t sweet

    Questions about the concept of YCHs.

    So I understand the basics of what a YCH (Your Character Here) submission is, but I am still confused Question #1: What's the point of YCH submission where one or more of the characters are already decided? I've seen a some sales where you are just paying the artist to draw their character...
  20. Fenrir Likan

    Does anyone read the signatures?

    I need to know this so people don't get the wrong idea about me....