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  1. Quanlain

    (Commission) Selling: ($20 - $100+) Flexible all-purpose artist. SFW/NSFW. (Sheets, Designs, Illustrations, Sketches)

    Good day everyone! My name is Quanlain and i do art for a living! I'm in search of work, so i'm posting my commission info here. General commission info: Please refer to this sheet to estimate prices and expectations ^ I work fast, i can take criticizm and i will fix my mistakes. I am able...
  2. Ringebell

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Quick Sketches SFW/NSFW

    Headshot Halfbody Chibi Fullbody Uncolored €5 €10 €10 €15 Colored €8 €15 €15 €20 These have a short turnaround and will mostly be finished in 1-2 days but can take up to a week if it’s a group picture. Very complex designs could cost more. I can make them traditionally or digital. I can...
  3. Fairytale5353


    I do furries odiously my commission sheat just dosen't have any to show for examples if you wanna see examples visit my FA Userpage of Fairytale5353 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. Vermilion

    Anthro and Feral

    Need to keep up my drawing skills. :3 Middle of updating fursonas looks, but will post as soon as I'm done. I may not draw everyone, please don't take offense. I will certainly draw you something if you draw something for me first though as a thank you. ;D Doesn't matter what your skill is...
  5. thesolarwinds

    Iron Artist >>> Round One Open!

    www.furaffinity.net: Iron Artist >>> Experimental Style by thesolarwinds Hello Fluff Butts! I have been wanting to try one of these again for a minute, but haven't seen too many users doing them still. But here goes!! I will be doing one of these a day, or more depending on my other...
  6. Val_Redwolf

    LF Profile picture for new Sona

    Hello! I was just looking to see if someone might be able to do a somewhat detailed profile avatar image for a new sona I am making. Price Range: $20-30 USD (Paypal) Time Requirement: As soon as possible. Format: A bust style profile picture (Head, Chest, Shoulders) looking for something...
  7. mun0u

    $10 Chibis - open

    anthro/feral/human/neko only hiii so these r gonna have slots so basically 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. rules: dont rush,claim,or edit my art send payment first or i will not begin on your piece basically that's it but yeah these are all only 10 dollars add an extra $15 for couple sets of chibis interacting...
  8. Sidereal

    EASY job: put the tattoos on my demon hunter, $5. NEED TODAY.

    So I have an unusual request. I was working on a character reference down to the wire, literally until the moment I needed to leave for the airport for a convention (SDCC!), and I got everything finished for my boy but one very important thing; his glowing demonic tattoos. I need someone to put...
  9. Kotorozec

    Commissions: OPEN [SFW, NSFW, anthro, feral]

    Info: These are done within week max. I work also with description I don't charge extra for nude [without sexual content]. More examples can be found on my FA Userpage of kotorozec -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. Ninapaw

    Quick stupid question about the site, I'm new

    So hello! I just started Furaffinity like a month ago, wasn't going to introduce myself again but I really need a quick help using the site, not sure wherelse to ask, anywhere in the foruns says I can't post without the privilege or something, anyway, the thing is I found some really nice people...
  11. Z

    Want Some Art of my Sheep

    Haven't had luck on other websites with getting some trades with decent quality, so I wanna try here! (Even though I'm never active oops). Looking for art of my sheep babe! I'll take a couple if anybody's interested - probably 3! Will do: Refined head shots and busts, sketch/not refined full...
  12. B

    Quick Commissions $10-$15

    First time opening commissions here! So far i only really have two options available atm All payment is required upfront, I have a right to decline any request I dont feel comfortable or don't want to work on. If you have any thing specific that you have or haven't seen me draw please msg me...
  13. HNGcommissions

    Commissions - Speed Paint Style starting at $10

    Commission Plans Colored Bust $10 Busts, from shoulders-up. Colored lineart, fully shaded and colored, simple background, and transparent background. +$10 additional interactive character (ie; kissing busts of two characters, vertical mirror, back to back, or something equally creative) +$10...
  14. pyrist


    If there is anything you want that you don't see here, feel free to email me or note me on my profile. I will be able to give you a price and some examples. You can see additional examples in my gallery here. Hello! I love to work with clients and make them happy, and I love art more than...