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  1. SakuraKitsune

    Request: New OC! Anyone interested in drawing her?

    Just be creative and do as you will, I'd love to see how y'all draw my smol raccoon bab I am currently working on some possible info for her, but if you have questions about her you can ask I guess. ^^ Image for reference:
  2. A

    Hiring: I´m looking for artist who would like to draw characters from Blacksad nsfw budget 60$

    Hi. I would love to get a art with my character Nicky with Chief Smirnoff and Desmond O´Leary. My budget is 60$. If you´re interested letting me know.
  3. SoniatheSquishy

    Spent a While Drawing Other Things, Made a New Fursona to See What I Could Do!

    As the title says, It's been a little while since I've really done anything here necessarily, and I'd like to lie to myself and say my art has improved a fair bit, so I kinda felt like posting my new sona here! Although most of my sonas use the name 'Sonia', it's my real name, part of my alias...