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  1. BanditSoftpaw


    Hello all! Iḿ finally descending into the forums with my Raccoon Bandit Softpaw, and my Schnolf Sasha Wolfsky, A little about both to introduce I suppose. Bandit Softpaw, is my main, and basically a personification of myself in a furry form, I've had this little Raccoon (6'4") since I was...
  2. A

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Nicky and Marika for adoption 80$

    I´ve been thinking about selling these two cute rodents for quite some time now. These two characters comes with 23 different art pieces. Price for them and art pieces is 80$. If you buy them I send all those art pieces to you. I´m hoping they are gonna get new great owners. After you buy them...
  3. Arcgeist

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Marten-like creature adoptable auction! [SB at 30$, AB at 80$]

    I need a bust of money, so I'm selling this design I made. ♥️ Check the link of the submission for more details: www.furaffinity.net: ✨ Creature adoptable auction ✨ by Arcgeist
  4. Fureviews

    Oscar the webcomic

    Hello world! I've been hard at work on my latest comic idea, and this one is called Oscar. It's a series of comic strips that centers around a raccoon guy called Oscar who's trying to live an average life in a big city that seemingly won't let him. I released the first strip yesterday. Check...
  5. FluffyShutterbug

    General Raccoon Activity

    Since raccoons are just foxxos with bandit masks, why not have a thread documenting their activity, too? Here's a chubby raccoon trying to reach for a graham cracker in the water:
  6. Tovey

    Trashbaby fursonas...Rats, Possums, Raccoons, etc...

    Hey! I'm new to the whole fursona thing, but I've been developing one that is a rat, since I've owned many rats in the past and they're a favorite animal of mine. But, I also like 'urban' animals such as raccoons and the north american possum. My question is, does anyone here have fursonas...
  7. SpiralingBats


    so I've been thinking about this for a long time, trying to decide if I should become a raccoon, and leave bat to be my second fursona, my friends in irl say that I'm like a raccoon, personality can fit really well.my hands are small as well. I actually had a dream that I captured one before...
  8. SoniatheSquishy

    Looking For Advice on a Fursona

    I'm trying to draw a reference image for a new Sona, I have a head, but that's all, and I can't tell if it'd be better to draw them more feral or more anthropomorphic, especially given my "style". This is a character I drew before who I'd say is more "feral" as someone else described it to me...
  9. Rocketeer Raccoon

    Would a romance between a Raccoon and a Snake work?

    Well I'm not sure how to ask this but you see I'm trying to write a story about my Rocketeer Raccoon story of a young slender raccoon called Rudy who gains a jet-pack to save the world and he also has a girlfriend called Sarah but she is a snake, the naga sort. Rudy - www.furaffinity.net...
  10. N

    Seeking a raccoon commission

    I've been debating whether to commission someone to bring my fursona to life for some time now, My budget is really anywhere from £5-£20. I'd like to get a raccoon done as the title suggests, he is quite thin some would consider him a "twink" in body category. His fur is mainly black in colour...
  11. soroka-ne-soroka

    Summer Bright Berry-Girls (SALE 15$)

    FIX PRISE FOR ALL - 15$ _______________________________ You can buy them here: www.furaffinity.net: SUMMER BEACH GIRLS [ADOPT SALE] by soroka-ne-soroka Thank you for attention! .)
  12. Kaylow167

    Where do I buy a fursuit?

    I'm new to the fandom and I was just wondering how do I buy fursuits? What are the most popular fursuit website stores?
  13. poproxxy

    Looking for an RP partner

    My character is a female raccoon, some details adapt depending on the setting. I'm looking for an 18+ partner (not all role plays will be 18+, but I feel more comfortable with adults). My replies top out at around 3 paragraphs but I can also adapt there too. Hit me up here and I'll get back to...